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How to Get Fabric in Enshrouded

Craig Robinson

Fabric is a material in Enshrouded that players will need to get various armor upgrades, followed by crafting specific construction decorations in bases. However, Fabric is a very resource-intensive item, and the player will only unlock it once they retrieve the Loom. To help you along this way, we are here to give you the low-down on how to get Fabric in Enshrouded, alongside tips on crafting the materials, and other ways you can get your hands on the item.

Where to Find Fabric in Enshrouded

So, to get Fabric in Enshrouded, there are two possibilities:

  1. Crafting it yourself via the Loom
  2. Looting it from destructibles and chests in Kindlewastes

The first option is your main method, which will be the resource grind. Meanwhile, the second option is a passive method that will compete with almost all other end game resource material. We have these in their own distinct chapters to give tips for each one.

How to Get the Loom and Make Fabric in Enshrouded

Let’s start with the crafting method. To craft Fabric, you will need to get the quest from the Hunter, who will require you to go and track down her missing Loom. Make sure to complete her quest from the Nomad Highlands and then get her next quest.

(1 of 3) You can find the location of the loom in Enshrouded in East Lapis, in the northeast corner of the map.

Once you’re on the Loom quest, you need to find the settlement of East Lapis, which is a POI located in the northwest corner of the Kindlewastes. You can head to this location by traveling north from the Kindlewastes Tower, then going through a cave passage to reach the plateau it is on. Alternatively, you can travel through the northwestern side of Nomad Highlands, go through Vukah territory, and then descend onto the plateau East Lapis is based upon.

Once you arrive, you need to enter the north side of town. Be aware that there are level 25 Scavengers based here, so be careful with your health, mana, armor, and consumables.

When you arrive here, make sure to head to the large building on the western side of the main road going through the town. This large cottage is named the Weaver’s Cottage when you get closer to it. When you’re inside, head to the southwestern corner of the ground floor, and you’ll find a pit you can fall into. Go inside, and the Loom will be inside the cave.

Place the Loom down, and you can now get Fabric in Enshrouded via crafting.

When you have the Loom, you can now place it in your base, and then you unlock the recipe to craft Fabric. You will need five Linen per craft of Fabric. This is where the Fabric grind begins.

We strongly suggest you follow our recommended Flax Farms, and when you get this flax, turn them into Flax Seeds. You can then create Farmbeds from the Farmer. When you unlock the Laboratory, you will then be able to make Nitrate, which is the end-game material needed to help craft fertilized soil, alongside Fossilized Bone Dust. This creates soil that allows you to greatly improve the speed at which you grow crops, which is extremely useful for growing Flax to be used for making Linen and then Fabric.

Method 2 of getting Fabric in Enshrouded

The other less reliable method to acquire Fabric in Enshrouded is by smashing vases and other lootables from the Kindelwastes Biome. If you go to the Sun Temples, the Flame Sanctums and Shrines, and the Kindlewastes Tower, you can find lots of potential loot on benches and in the vases. Make sure to explore these when you can and smash up the place to get random items from that biome. You typically get different colored fabrics more often than regular Fabric, but this method will assist you with at least chipping away at some of the Fabric needed for certain armor sets and crafts over time.

How to Use Fabric

(1 of 2) You can create padding in Enshrouded from the Hunter, requiring lots of Fabric in the process.

You can create padding in Enshrouded from the Hunter, requiring lots of Fabric in the process. (left), You will need to use a lot of Padding to create some of the desirable armor sets from end-game crafting. (right)

Fabric is often used to make Padding, another end-game crafting material from the Hunter. Padding is extremely important for making those end-game armor sets, as you often need 1-5 pieces of padding per armor piece, depending on the armor slot. This means you will be eating up your Fabric by creating this armor padding. It’s another reason we highly recommend setting up a large farm for Flax, alongside using fertilized soil when possible to speed up the grind for this material.

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