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How Deadly Shroud Works

Craig Robinson

The Deadly Shroud is a mechanic in Enshrouded where players are limited to the areas they can visit as part of the game’s progression. For the most part, the game will allow you to get through Deadly Shroud over time, opening brand-new areas and biomes for players to explore. Here’s everything you need to know about Deadly Shroud in Enshrouded.

This guide teaches you how to handle Enshrouded’s Deadly Shroud mechanic, allowing you to explore the rest of the map.

Deadly Shroud Mechanics Explained in Enshrouded

For the most part, players will start the game in a very restricted bubble around the southwest of the Springlands. Players must avoid venturing into the northern parts of the zone, or the small shroud pockets to the far east and the western caves. To begin accessing these areas, make sure to upgrade your Flame Level to level 2, and then you’ll be able to start accessing more and more areas.

In general, upgrading your Flame Level is the only way to deal with Deadly Shroud. As you get higher and higher, you’ll start unlocking more regions of the map. The Flame Levels required to fully explore each of the biomes are as follows:

  • Springlands: 0-2
  • Low Meadows: 1-2
  • Revelwood: 2-3
  • Nomad Highlands: 4
  • Kindlewastes Desert: 4-6

How to Survive Deadly Shroud Damage

You should absolutely ensure that you are leveling up your Flame Level when you reach each of these zones. Some of the Flame levels will take you through a long leveling process before you can beat the bosses they ask of you, while others are simply to gather resources and throw them into the Flame. You’ll find the Springlands tasks are fairly easy to progress through, and can be done in a few hours. Meanwhile, the Flame level 3-4 task in Revelwood requires you to deal with the entire zone, peaking at around level 18.

The Nomad Highlands and the Kindelwaste Biomes can also be done relatively quickly, but exploring both of these zones can be difficult due to terrain, enemy level and accessing areas. So, once again, take note of the materials required for each Flame Level upgrade and them when you can after scavenging for supplies. We do have guides on how to get almost all resources related to Flame Levels if you need any assistance tracking farming spots, such as Tin Ore, Iron Ore, Saffron, Flax, Amber and more.

It should be noted that the Flame level restrictions which you encounter in higher level regions aren’t the same as the regular shroud patches that you can explore within a set time limit. You can increase the amount of time that you spend in regular shroud patches with potions and other consumables, but if you try to enter an area which has a shroud level above your Flame level, you’ll die within a few seconds.

The only other thing you need to know is that some areas will have Deadly Shroud that you cannot bypass. This includes the lava floors, all the way to the zones beyond the mountains on the western and northern sides of the map. As it stands, those edges of the map are out of bounds, and they’re there to restrict players from crossing over as part of the Early Access restrictions. Meanwhile, the lava floors are intentional death traps to create hazards on the map, alongside creating barriers between the lower level and higher level zones. So, you will need to avoid those at all costs.

This concludes everything you need to know about Deadly Shroud in Enshrouded. Good luck progressing through the game.

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