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How to Salvage & Enhance Weapons

Scott Peers

The process of salvaging and enhancing weapons goes hand in hand in Enshrouded. You need to salvage weapons to obtain Runes, the main resource that you can use to enhance weapons. You can find Runes while looting random chests, enemies, or other objects in the open world, but in much smaller quantities than you get from weapons. The trouble is, the game doesn’t actually explain how you can salvage weapons, and although it’s an incredibly simple mechanic in its current form, it’s worth noting since it can be misleading when the Blacksmith first tells you about it. On this page, we’ll detail everything you need to know about salvaging and enhancing weapons in Enshrouded.

You need the Blacksmith in your base before you can begin to enhance weapons.

How to Salvage Weapons for Runes

As you begin your adventure in Embervale, you won’t hear anything about how to salvage weapons mentioned initially. You’ll need to wait until you get the Blacksmith in your base, and even then, it’ll take a short while before he informs you about it. The whole way in which you first hear about salvaging weapons makes it seem like it’s something that can only be done through the Blacksmith, so you may be confused when you interact with him and find no option for it.

In truth, all you need to do to salvage a weapon is right click on it in your inventory and click on the “Salvage” option that pops up. You’ll see a preview of how many Runes you’ll get for a particular weapon, and you’ll notice that in general, you get more Runes for rarer weapons, such as those in the Epic or Legendary categories.

It’s a good idea to store your Runes in a storage box at your base, ready to be used whenever you want to enhance a weapon. Speaking of which, read on to find out how to enhance weapons.

How to Enhance Weapons Using the Blacksmith

Now that you know how to obtain Runes, it won’t be long before you’re stockpiling hundreds, if not thousands of them. These will form the basis for upgrading any weapon that you choose to keep, but the capacity for different weapons to be upgraded varies depending on their type. In general, you’ll find that the rarer weapons (that fall into the Epic and Legendary categories) have more options for enhancing than the regular ones. There are even plenty of weapons that can’t be enhanced at all, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see the option for it.

When it comes to the process of enhancing weapons, in this case you actually do need to speak with the Blacksmith. You should be able to see the “Enhance Equipment” tab next to the default “Blacksmith” tab when interacting with him, but if you don’t you should try advancing his quests more first.

Assuming you do have access to this feature (it shouldn’t take long after getting the Blacksmith!), you’ll see a list of weapons that are either on your action bar or in your inventory. You’ll see which weapons have enhancements available for them, and how much they cost in terms of Runes. You can actually see the available enhancements just by inspecting a weapon from your inventory, without h having to take it to the Blacksmith first, so you can see its potential for upgrades if you find it out in the wild, without having to return to your base first.

(1 of 2) An Epic or Legendary weapon can have numerous useful enhancements.

An Epic or Legendary weapon can have numerous useful enhancements. (left), You’ll see fewer enhancements available on a more basic weapon, such as this bow. (right)

What Happens When You Enhance a Weapon?

In terms of the improvements you’ll see when you enhance a weapon, this will vary considerably depending on its type and rarity. You can see in the screenshot above that the Misfortune Mace can gain extra Cutting Damage, Cutting Protection, Piercing Damage, and a Mana Leech. This makes it particularly good against mage-like enemies, but it has enough improvements to be worthy against almost any foe.

If you’re upgrading a bow, you might see more potential enhancements that relate to damage type, such as fire, or you might see improved ranged, accuracy, and so on. For a wand, the enhancements will generally relate to improving your magic damage, and for shields, you can expect more defensive enhancements. You get the picture!

Can You Salvage Armor in Enshrouded?

Unfortunately, there’s currently no way for you to enhance armor in Enshrouded. However, given that the Blacksmith’s service states “Enhance Equipment” and not “Enhance Weapons”, we might expect this to become available in a future update. We’ll keep you posted about all the details when we know more, so be sure to check back!

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