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How to Get Metal Scraps

Craig Robinson

Metal Scraps are a basic item that you will need consistently throughout the course of the game. From crafting lockpicks, to your first set of armor, players will need to use this resource a lot, especially in the early game. To assist with the player’s needs, we’ve got a pretty decent farming route so you can get your hands on as many Metal Scraps without much risk.

Metal Scraps Farm in Enshrouded

Hunting Scavenger enemies is one of the best ways to farm Metal Scraps. Scavenger enemies are the badland-type enemy, with their ragged cloth and fur patch look. You’ll see them with crossbows, bomb launchers, and guarded by wolves occasionally. Typically, these enemies often drop a meal, Fur Patch, Torn Cloth, and Metal Scraps, and this will be one of the more reliable ways to farm them.

(1 of 2) Finding abandoned camps and towns with Scavengers is the best way to farm Metal Scraps in Enshrouded.

Finding abandoned camps and towns with Scavengers is the best way to farm Metal Scraps in Enshrouded. (left), Look for props and other items, as you can find Metal Scraps among other materials while exploring buildings and tents. (right)

Scavenger Camp with Mineshaft Farm

While in the early game, where you have the most need for the item, you will find level 3 Scavengers are somewhat close to Scavenger Camps nearby. Follow these steps to find them:

  1. Slightly north of Longkeep you’ll find scaffolding you can ascend using some parkour skills or the Grappling Hook.

  2. Destroy the building with explosives around it. Destroying metallic objects occasionally drops Metal Scraps.

  3. Continue along the road and turn left up the mountain path.

  4. You’ll come across a small Scavenger Camp with an Abandoned Mineshaft. There will be two level 3 Scavengers here, alongside a guard dog. You can also find more explosives to loot the Mine Shaft, and you can also blow up some tents to get some cloth, metal scraps, and other early-game crafting items.

  5. Head directly north, and you’ll find a cliff ledge overlooking a town called Rookmore. Descend towards the town using your Glider. Here you can fight lots of level 3 Scavengers and smash up some props with metal scraps on them for some more added loot. Look for tables and tents around the larger camp and you’ll find a few to pick up.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for some more passive ways to get Metal Scraps, you can always destroy metallic props and smash vases. As you explore Fire Shrines, Ancient Towers, and Ancient Vaults, you’ll often find these areas contain chances to get loot that fits the tier that biome is. It means that you’ll often find Metallic Scraps lying around these locations, abandoned inns on the side of forest roads, and more. As you reach higher levels, you’ll find larger abandoned towns and camps with higher-level Scavengers in them with more density. You’ll find you begin to stockpile a lot of Metal Scraps the further you get in the game, ready for those Nails and Lockpick building projects.

When you get to the point you need Metal Sheets for the Blacksmith, you’ll be converting a lot of your Metal Scrap into Metal Sheets. The likely best place to go is the Scavenger main camp, which is a level 9 area. You can also head into the Revelwood and go to abandoned towns now occupied by Scavengers, who are typically level 11-15. Here’s a list of recommendations with a rough outline of where to find these POIs in their respective biome.

  • Wither Camp (Northwest Springlands)
  • Mark of Sameth (Middle left of Revelwood)
  • Glenwood’s End (Northwest Revelwood)
  • Hill of Scavengers (North Central Springlands).
    • Note that you will need Flame level 3 to reach Glenswood’s End and Mark of Sameth, while you can reach the other suggested farming spots with only level 1 flame level.

With that said, this concludes how to farm and get your hands on Metal Scraps in Enshrouded. You should now have an idea of the best places to go for your level bracket for all your building and crafting needs.

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