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Biome List & Progression Guide

Craig Robinson

Enshrouded has a few ways of progressing through the game, ranging from main story quests, to craftspeople quests, and more. As you get more and more quests complete, you’ll start noticing distant markers being revealed, with many leading to shroud locations, serving as a barrier between biomes. Like Valheim, you’ll need to progress through each Biome to unlock higher tiers of materials, enemies, quests, gear, and other rewards. Here’s a closer look at the Enshrouded Biome Order and how to progress through the game.

Enshrouded Biome Progression Walkthrough

The way the Enshrouded Biomes work is through a range of quests, player levels, and your Flame Level. Failing to have the right Flame Level will make it impossible to progress, while the level range is more of an indicator of how hard combat will become. Questing from your NPCs and main story quests are often gated by recipe unlocks, crafting equipment acquisition, and more.

The list of all of Enshrouded Biomes can be found below, feel free to click on a biome to auto-scroll to the relevant section for more details. At the time of writing, this is as follows:

  1. Springlands
  2. Low Meadows
  3. Revelwood
  4. Nomad Highlands
  5. Kindlewastes


  • Level Range 1-9
  • Flame Level Requirement 1-2

The Springlands Biome is the starting biome in Enshrouded, one where you get a tutorial on how to play the game.

The Springlands is the first biome in the Enshrouded Biome Progression guide. You’ll start the game in this biome, and begin to explore the early levels, craft your first base, and begin rescuing Craftspeople from the Vaults. You’ll come across a few basic enemies, learn how the Shroud areas work, and then gather basic materials to begin improving the flame. You’ll also learn and make your first set of navigation tools, the Glider and the Grappling Hook.

When you improve the Flame to Level 2, you’ll open up some of the dangerous shrouded areas, in the southwest mountainside, the northwest area, and the eastern part of the Springlands. You’ll also gain access to the Low Meadows by completing this task.

To upgrade the flame level, you need to hunt these resources:

  • Resin - Gathered from cutting Trees
  • Red Mushroom - These grow all over the Springlands.
  • Bones - Gathered from defeating animals or the undead monks around grave POIs
  • Shroud Liquid - Basic gatherable plants located in the shroud.
  • Spark - Gained from Falem Shrines and Temples.
  • Animal Fur - Looted from killing almost all animals in the Springlands, Meadowlands, and Revelwood.

When you start reaching the level 7-10 bracket, you can start exploring the northern reaches of the Springlands, finding more Vaults for craftspeople, more dungeons, and even start fighting your first set of overworld bosses.

It is also worth noting that you should visit the Hill of Scavengers at level 7. This location contains a boss, and when defeated, grants you the recipe for the Improved Grappling Hook. You will need this for future exploration.

Low Meadows

  • Level Range 7-10
  • Flame Level: 2

The Low Meadows is a mini Biome in Enshrouded, containing a few more Vaults and an introduction to some higher materials and enemies you encounter in Revelwood and Nomad Highlands.

The Low Meadows is the region directly to the east of the Springlands. You will need a flame level of 2 to start entering this zone by flying in an eastern direction from either the top or bottom of the Springlands.

When you arrive in the Low Meadows, there are a few more Craftspeople to rescue, such as the Carpenter, and there’s also an Ancient Tower to activate. You’ll find a few more Flame Shrines to get Sparks from, alongside some more advanced mining nodes like Copper at the northeast mountain range. There are a few other key POIs, like the Vuhgar camp with a boss for players around level 8, alongside a few other side quests from notes you’ve been picking up as you’ve been questing.

While here, make sure to keep an eye on the following items, alongside some of the items you get from the Springlands, to make progressing through the Revelwood much easier:

  • Wax - Gathered from Beehives and often looted from smashing destructibles around the Ancient Vaults and Towers.
  • Salt - Looted from Salt mines in the Springlands or killing the Undead Monks around POIs like the Catacombs. You can read more on how to get Salt here.
  • Shroud Wood - Chop trees in the Shrouded areas.
  • Flintstone - Commonly found mineable in the overland of the Springlands.
  • Charcoal - Made from the Charcoal Kiln you get from a Crafter’s quest.
  • Fell Thunderbrute Head - Defeat the large bruiser bosses from Springlands Elixir Wells.


  • Level Range: 10-18
  • Flame Level: 2-3

The Revelwood is one of the giant biomes in Enshrouded, filled with lots of quests, POIs, resources, and more to find.

The Revelwood is the third biome in the Enshrouded Biome List and Progression guide. To access this location, you can travel north from the Springlands, and you’ll come across a denser evergreen area. You can access this location while having a Flame level of 2, however, you’ll only be able to touch the very tip of it until you reach Enshrouded areas. It means you can farm a few basic farming materials up here, such as Flax, Strawberries, and other new materials.

However, progressing into this area comes with risks, as you’ll start encountering patrolling Boar packs, which are stronger versions of Wolves in the Springlands. Also, you will find many more POIs with a higher density of Scavenger mobs in the towns. There’s even a large Scavenger mining base in the middle west part of the map.

While you’re in the Revelwood, you’ll often find that you can get your hands on Copper Bars and Hardened Brick, alongside their prerefined state of Lumps of Clay and Copper Ore. You will need to start mining these resources for future base and crafting projects for upgraded materials. The same goes for harvesting Flax, which you can use later to craft Linen Cloth for further progression. Even cutting the trees down in this region grants a new Hardened Wood resource for future crafting.

Another major thing you’ll encounter in the Revelwood is crafter progression. Each crafter will have an item you can get, ranging from the Blacksmith’s Forge in the Nameth, the Hunter’s Spindle in the Spider Cave, and many more quests. Make sure to speak to your Craftspeople often, and follow the clues to their quest location to get important base items for future crafting requirements.

The final major element of the zone is the main story quest leading to the Pike. You’ll find notes and other quests that require you to visit the Capital City called the Pike in the very northeast of the zone. This mini zone contains important gear and boss progression, which you need to upgrade the Flame Level and get new POIs leading to the the next Biome, the Nomad Highlands.

Don’t forget, you need to get materials from this zone to upgrade the Flame so you can move on. You need the following items to do so:

  • Goo - Crafted via the Alchemist.
  • Mycelium - Mine the giant mushrooms cliffs to gather this item from the Shroud.
  • Indigo Plant - Purple plant located around the Revelwood, best locations are around Diadwyn and the Thornhold. Here’s a guide on how to get Indigo Plant in Enshrouded.
  • Amber - Only source is a giant mineable clump in the Elixir Well to the northwest of the Revelwood. Here’s how to get Amber in Enshrouded.
  • Copper Ore - Commonly found mineable resource in hills around the Revelwood. You can read more on our best Copper Farms in Enshrouded here.
  • Wyvern Head - Dark Souls like boss in the Pike Capital City. Work your way through the Imperial Garden to reach this spot.

Nomad Highlands

  • Flame Level 4-5
  • Enemy Level 18-22

The Nomad Highlands is the stop gap to the desert biome, with crafting quests and plenty of new resources to find and gain to progress your Flame Level and mid to late-game crafting requirements.

The Nomad Highlands is a region to the east of Revelwood and the Low Meadowlands. When you raise your Flame Level to 4, you will be able to wade through the Dangerous Shroud and enter the zone. We recommend doing this from the Low Meadowlands, as you can path through the Pillars of Creation, find new items and Vukrah enemies, and then find an Obelisk easily. This also leads you easily above the Nomad Highlands, allowing you to explore the region effectively well, as the vast majority of the lower parts of the Highlands are smothered in Shroud.

While above ground, make sure to continue questing, looking for POIs on the map and gathering resources. There are plenty of new enemies, plants, ores, and recipes to unlock for new craftables.

Furthermore, you’ll need to get the materials from this zone to upgrade the Flame Level to explore the Kindlewastes Desert properly, the 5th zone in the game. Make sure to gather the following items:

  • Mint Mushroom Chunks - Looted from the green-tinted mushrooms in the Shroud.
  • Ammonia Glands - Obtained from the evil mushroom enemies in the Shroud, or the very tall mushroom trees.
  • Tin Ore - Ore found in the northwest mineshaft or in the Umbral Hollow shrouded area. Here’s more info on how to get Tin Ore in Enshrouded.
  • Fossilized Bone - Mined from the large skeleton remains in the zone around Umbral Hollow or the Ancient Tower. You can read more about how to get Fossilized Bone in Enshrouded here.
  • Fell Monstrosity Head - New Boss enemy found in the small, shrouded POI west of the Ancient Tower or the Elixir Well in the Umbral Hollow.
  • Rooibos - A thin green bush with yellow flowers on it found all over the Highlands.

The other thing you need to know about the Nomad Highlands is that the zone essentially is a mini zone, albeit with obstacles. You’re here to do Craftspeople quests essentially, get new base constructions, and slowly gather base materials to get to the new Flame Level.

Occasionally, you’ll need to enter the large, shrouded areas around the Umbral Hollow. The general idea of this location is it contains a major POI for finding craftsmen’s items, alongside being a large source of the Tin Ore you need for crafting. You can access this typically through ramps on the southwest side of it, or Vukrah Cave Passages dotted around the cliffsides to climb up and down the pit to the Highland. The other major shroud area is on the north side of the zone, which you can access by directly going east from the Pike capital City.

The other major POI you need to visit is the Ancient Tower. You can find this on the north-central part of the map. Most roads heading north on the overland will bring you to this location.


  • Level Range 18-25
  • Flame Level 4-6

The Kindlewastes is the end-game biome for players to get the end-game gear, materials, and recipes.

The Kindlewastes is a dessert biome that is the fifth and final biome as of the launch of early access. The biome naturally connects to the Nomad Highlands very well, with the Overland routes leading directly to these sandy dunes. However, there are a few areas extremely dangerous to the player, requiring you to progress to Flame Level 5 to reach the northeastern side of the Shrouded bays of the desert, while Flame Level 6 is needed to reach the Southeastern side of the desert. You’ll need to unlock these areas as they contain access to new dungeons known as Sun Temples, which are revealed by unlocking them through the Ancient Tower to the far east of the zone. Sun Temples are important, as they contain four Sparks, alongside silver and gold chests with level 25 items in them. You also get higher chances to get legendary pieces of gear from here too!

If you make the trek over there, ensure you have some spare Flame Shrines to deploy, as the Nomad Highlands and the Kindlewastes Desert are big zones. Fast traveling is going to make navigating this and Nomad Highlands much easier.

To upgrade your Flame to level 6, you will need the following items:

  • Sulfur - A greenish minable mineral, (similar to Clay) located in pits, cliffs, and mountainsides of the desert biome.
  • Saffron - Red plant found growing in the dunes all over the zone. You can also find them in the farming POIs like the Sunsimmer Souterrain located southeast of the Umber Hollow as you enter the desert.
  • Iron Ore - Rare ore found typically in the Shroud of the Kindlewastes. Great source is the Ridgeback Mine southwest from the Tower located in the Shroud.
  • Lapislazuli - Common ore found in the rocks of the desert biome.
  • Yucca Fruit - Fruit is harvested by chopping down the trees in the desert.
  • Fell Sicklescythe Head - New boss enemy found in the Shroud. You can find one near the big iron mine called Ridgeback Mine southwest from the Ancient Tower.

The other big thing to know about the Kindlewastes is it contains the final set of gatherable and craftable recipes. You’ll gain access to Sand, Iron, and other new crops to farm for resources and food. Make sure to stock up on these items to make the best armor, weapons, spells, and other high-quality building pieces you want to make. You’ll need them to take on the final few bosses and higher-level enemies and new bosses effectively in the zone.

With that said, you now know just about everything you need to know about the Enshrouded Biome List and Progressing through them.

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