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Best Copper Ore Farm

Matt Chard

Similar to Clay, you will soon need Copper Ore in Enshrouded. You’ll need this once you obtain the Smelter from the Blacksmith. Copper ore is used in a lot of recipes, including the copper pickaxe, but you’ll need the copper bar to get the recipe and also to find the smelter. Read on to find out the best early-game farming locations for Copper Ore.

How to Find Copper Ore in Enshrouded

Copper Ore is a tier-two resource, and as such, it is not accessible until further exploration of the world. You’ll begin to find Copper Ore on the sides of mountains, rock columns and cliffs as you reach Revelwood in the north.

Copper Ore Farm in Enshrouded

This farming spot is almost the same as our Clay Farming Spot in Diadwyn. From the starting location, continue heading north, passing notable landmarks such as Braelyn Bridge, Springlands Ancient Spire, Ancient Vault-Farmer, and Willow Crush village. Eventually, you will arrive in Revelwood, and if you persist in heading north while straying towards the east, you will encounter a village known as Diadwyn. This is important because you’ll want to place a Flame Altar here for the following farming route.

Head north from the first base location into Revelwood to find Diadwyn.

Steps For Farming Copper Ore

1. Follow the muddy path west out of Diadwyn, and follow it until you reach the “Mark of Sameth” encampment. Leave the path, and head south/southwest, where you’ll eventually find a wall full of Copper Ore.

2. When you’re done there, continue southwest until you find a muddy slope leading toward a ruin. Go up the slope, and then turn around and go up the other. Near the top, head west/southwest past the Clay deposit, and slowly start heading north until you hit a wall. Follow that wall west, and you’ll soon find another wall of Copper.

3. Head southeast and drop off the cliff (use a glider or you’ll die). On the floor below, you’ll find a rock column that contains a moderate amount of Copper.

4. Make a short walk to the northeast, where you’ll find another rock column full of copper.

5. Fast travel back to Diadwyn (or run), and then head southeast from the village toward the edge of the cliff. The copper here will be along the edge of the cliff. Only a small amount, but it is right next to Diadwyn.

(1 of 10) Step 1: Head west from Diadwyn village by following the muddy path.

There you go, a nice small farming route that will yield plenty of copper ore. If you’re playing solo, you can exit the game to the main title screen, and log back in to replenish the deposits.

Enshrouded Copper Locations in Nomad Highlands

If you’re now actively in Nomad Highlands, then perhaps you would prefer to grab Enshrouded’s Copper Ore resource in the area you’re in. The good news is that the Limestone mountains of the Nomad Highlands are brimming with Copper Ore. We strongly recommend going to the northwest side of the Nomad Highlands, easily accessed via the Nomad Highlands Tower. From there, run through the valley you’re in, sticking close to the bluffs, spires and mountainside. You’ll see strips of Copper Ore locations all over the place.

Here is where to find Enshrouded’s Copper Ore in the Nomad Highlands, alongside some added Tin too!

The good news is that this area is also located next to a large Tin ore location in the Mining Rift POI. So, if you’re in the market for crafting Bronze Bars, then you have a steady source of Tin and Copper very close range to each other. You can find an example of the Copper Ore Locations in Enshrouded via our map, alongside highlighting the Tin Ore spot.

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