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How to Get the Gear Chest in the Abandoned Caravanserai - AC Mirage

Jarrod Garripoli

When you begin Assassin’s Creed Mirage and make it past the prologue, you will find Basim equipped with a sword, a dagger, and an outfit. There are more pieces of equipment to find in the game, with a good number of them being in Gear Chests. These are special chests that contribute to the collectible count on the map, as well as towards the 100% needed for the Explorer trophy/achievement. Most of the Gear Chests usually involve some sort of small puzzle, or having to wade through a bunch of enemies, in order to get to them. This page will detail how to get the Gear Chest in the Abandoned Caravanserai, located in the Wilderness West area.

(1 of 2) Look for the pillars icon on your map in the Wilderness West.

Look for the pillars icon on your map in the Wilderness West. (left), The Abandoned Caravanserai is a fairly large compound. (right)

Where to Find the Abandoned Caravanserai in Assassin’s Creed Mirage

The Abandoned Caravanserai is a ruins-type location found in the Wilderness West area of the map, which is west of the Abbasiyah region. When you have your map zoomed out all the way, it will be southwest of the “G” in Baghdad. There really isn’t much else in the vicinity, other than the caravanserai. The Gear Chest will be located on the bottom floor of the main building there. You will also find some bandits that have occupied the place, but there are only three of them. Unfortunately, the door leading into the building is barred shut, so you’ll need to find another way inside.

(1 of 4) There will be three bandits who have occupied the place.

Luckily, there are actually two different ways to get into the place, but before doing anything else, you will want to get rid of the bandits, as they are in the way. If you can get onto the outer walls, you should have a great vantage point of all three, who are in the courtyard. They are also relatively close to the red explosive pots, so you could potentially just toss a Throwing Knife at those to take them out. Anyone who survives can be taken down via an assassination. If you just want to straight up fight them, you can do that, too.

Breakable Wall Method

As mentioned above, there are actually two ways you can get inside the building with the Gear Chest. The first method here is blasting your way through a weak wall that’s on the backside of the building. There are no explosive jars back there, though, so you will have to bring one yourself. On the northern side of the courtyard (where the enemies were located), there is a shelf you can move. Do just that by moving it to the other side of its initial position. From there, you can grab a nearby explosive pot, then parkour onto the shelf and rope.

(1 of 4) Move this shelf over to make a good foothold.

As you get to the tall wall that separates the front and back, look for the wooden beam coming off of the one side. Use those to get to the far end, then jump down to the structure with the dome on top (you’re carrying the pot this entire time). You will now be able to jump down to the ground, where you should see the weakened wall. Throw the explosive jar at it to blow it open, where you can go inside and acquire the Gear Chest.

Opening the Door

The other method to getting the chest starts above the front door. Climb onto the awning overhanging the door and look up to see an open window. Go through the window and feel free to snatch the resources from the chest up here. After doing that, use your Eagle Vision to highlight the bar on the door below you. While you have a bead on it, aim a Throwing Knife at the “lock” on the door, through the grating, and hit it.

(1 of 3) Another way inside the building is through this open window.

If done right, the door will now be open, so you can climb out the same window you entered, go through the door and open the Gear Chest. Depending on the other Gear Chests you opened in Wilderness West/South, this one will contain the Hidden One Blade or the upgrade schematics for it.

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