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How to Get Contracts and Complete Them - Assassin's Creed Mirage

Jessica Dillon

Contracts are one of the core pieces of side content in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. These side missions have you picking up an order from the bureau put in by one of many NPCs. After you have it, you must track your new employees down and help them with the requested task to receive payment. These are short missions that give you a wealth of rewards when completed correctly. The guide below goes over when you can start getting contracts, how to complete them, and what type of rewards you can expect to earn at the end of each one.

The contract board will be available in the Hidden One's Bureau shortly into the start of the main story.

When Do Contracts Become Available in AC Mirage?

You won’t be able to access the contract board until you have come back to Baghdad. This will take you around two to three hours, depending on how quickly you speed through the game’s opening. Once you are back in Baghdad, you only need to get to the Hidden One’s Bureau and finish the main story quest, Zeroing In. After doing so, the board will be ready for you to pluck clean. Five contracts will be available the first time you visit the board, and as you complete them more will be added, giving you a steady stream of bonus work. You will need to keep leveling in order to unlock higher-level contracts. If you want to check if there are new contracts available at any time, go to the map and hover your cursor over the bureau. In the small box, it will state whether new contracts have appeared or not.

How Do You Complete Contracts?

You simply need to retrieve the contract you want from the board at the bureau. Once this is complete, make note of the requirements. Most of these seem to be escort missions where you must find a character’s general location. A great tip is to use your falcon to zero in on them, and then escort them to a predetermined spot after talking with them. You will have to deal with guards and blocked pathways during these missions. This manages to truly test your stealth skills. During the mission, you will be given a sub-task that upon completion will give you additional rewards. Many sub-tasks, called contractor’s requests, require the player to complete them while either taking no damage or not killing anyone during the mission. This, in turn, gives players additional rewards to accompany these challenges.

(1 of 4) Start by picking up the quest you want off of the contract board.

These are relatively short tasks that will take around fifteen minutes each to finish. Additionally, you don’t have to return to the bureau to turn them in. When you speak with the NPC that you are working with at the end, you will automatically receive your payment. We highly recommend making a save at the start of each contract as it’s easy to slip and void the contractor’s request. In addition, you can pick up multiple contracts at once. Doing so will help you have them ready when you are naturally exploring the nearby area while playing the game.

What Are The Rewards For Completing Contracts?

There are various rewards that you will receive from completing contracts. You can see the main rewards listed on the flyer under the objective. The additional rewards will be listed under the contractor request section and can only be gained by completing the additional task. For the most part, you are going to be earning crafting materials, money, and Khidmah Tokens.

Khidmah Tokens are a handy currency you can use to get rid of your notoriety, reduce the costs of goods bought from merchants, and bribe Munadi. Contracts are one of the primary ways of getting tokens, making them a good time investment for most players. From time to time, you also may be able to earn things like weapons. Be sure to check through each available contract on the board to find the one that is most beneficial to you at the time.


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