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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

The Greatwood East Walkthrough

Jessica Dillon

Once you gather up your next few allies, you will be sent to the Great Wood. This area is pretty straightforward, but there is a mini-boss to defeat along with nine treasure chests to find along with a new party member to find. The guide below goes over all the treasure, enemies, and how to make your way through the Great Wood.

THe Great Wood will lead you to the Treefolk Village.

The Great Wood Chests

The Great Wood is a small map consisting of two areas. There are a total of nine treasure chests to find in both areas of the Great Wood.

The Great Wood Enemies

Sky Sahagin are the most annoying enemy in this area, they are able to damage two party members at once. The catch to this is they fly in a straight path, so they can only damage party members who are in a straight line. You will also find Hellhounds, Forest Lizards, and Bear Riders. You will also face Ancient Seed, a mini-boss, once you are at the end of the area.

Entering The Great Wood

The Great Wood is the forest at the southernmost portion of the map, furthest from your Headquarters. Head up and take a left, you will want to go to the dead end. Here, you will find a treasure chest with 1,500 Baqua. There are some plants in the way; keep walking forward, and they will sink into the ground, opening the path ahead. Keep heading forward, and you will see a dead end blocked by plants right before the path takes a left curve, grab the chest here containing Scale Armor. There will be another dead end path around the curve on your right with another chest, in this one, you will find a x3 Runeshard of Fire 1. The next chest is above the river, grab it before proceeding forward for another 1,500 Baqua.

(1 of 3) The Great Woods is located south of your headquarters.

After crossing the river, take the south path. Here, you will find an island in the river housing a chest with Anti-Confuse Beads and Gieran, a party member who can be recruited by finding the Rune of Conservation, this is dropped by the boss in this area. If you continue ahead after defeating the boss, then you will need to wait until you finish the next story segment before recruiting Geiran. Continue following the path north and back across the river. There will be another dead end with a chest so open it to get x6 Healing Herb.

Navigating The Great Wood East Depths

Be sure to save at the save point before proceeding into the area; there are several treasure chests here that you don’t want to miss. When the path splits, head to the left and walk up to the strange monster. It will swallow you and send you flying to a different part of the area. Here, you will find a chest with a Hard Scale Band in it. Use the plant to return to your original position and go back to the center area where the three paths converge, this time you will be heading north and following the path to the next platform.

Once here, go around the tree using the right path to find the next treasure chest containing x2 Revival Medicine, then head back around the tree to get swallowed by the plant you just passed by. It will send you to an area with a blue chest containing a Necklace. Return to the start of the split path, and take the right path. Here, you will find a plant that will send you to the next save point. Use it and heal your party as needed. Just beyond this, you will find the Ancient Seed, a mini-boss.

Ancient Seed Boss Strategy

Ancient Seed has high health and has two main moves. One is called Throw Up, where it vomits bile at a single party member, and the other sends two claws hurling at a single party member. The vomit attack is especially annoying as it can do it as a counter outside its turn. You will need to have Francesca (or another character with a Water Rune) on your team to constantly provide healing while your other party members work to whittle down its health. Luckily, Ancient Seed’s health isn’t too high, but it will take a while to kill the boss. Using a Hero Combo if you have the right setup can help here.

(1 of 3) The Ancient Seed will appear shortly after the save point.

Once the Ancient Seed is out of the way, you will reach Treefolk Village. Since you’re likely low on supplies and health, be sure to visit the inn as you make your way into town to heal up and stock up on items you need.

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