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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Final Battle at Headquarters War Battle

Jarrod Garripoli

Nowa and his friends feel that the final battle with Dux Aldric is approaching, so they are preparing everything they can. Heed the warning below, as this is the cutoff point for getting all of the recruitable characters. Head to the Great Hall for some scenes, then tell Melridge you are ready to move out, which will trigger the war battle at your Headquarters.

This war battle will pit you against Dux Aldric.

Final Battle at Headquarters Strategy

When you first begin, you will want to change any units out for the strongest you have. Of course, all of your unit leaders are locked in place, but outside of the one sub-unit under Seign, the rest can be changed out. Whenever you’re ready, begin the battle to see that things don’t look quite as good on your end, since there are definitely a lot of enemies. However, don’t be discouraged, as there will be plenty of events that occur during this war battle, shifting the tides in your favor.

(1 of 3) It looks like you’re outnumbered at the beginning of the war battle.

At the beginning, you will probably just want to move your units one tile forward, then leave them there. The reason for that is coming, but eventually, Aldric will have someone summon a large creature to the battle, which will spew fire onto the battlefield. After the second fire breath, a cutscene will occur that will take the large creature out of the fight. The turn after that, there will be another cutscene that will remove the undead from the battlefield.

You will receive some reinforcements at this point, too, in the form of Lakian and Elektra. They will appear as guests, so you have no control over them at all, but they will immediately start attacking the Kenani troops. At the same time, Vorrdice and Viesskin will betray Valmaurice , so they will now be on your side. Of course, the defections don’t end there, as Goldwyn will join the Alliance shortly after the Kenani situation.

Basically, this whole war battle is a lot of cutscenes, and after all is said and done, the war is definitely favoring you right now. However, don’t think the battle is completely won just yet, as you still have a few enemies to go through before you are victorious. You shouldn’t worry too much about the guests, since even if they get defeated, they won’t be gone forever. They are actually helpful here, though, since they can soften up the enemies for you. The enemy forces will likely divide up into three sets, or maybe even two.

(1 of 3) You won’t be able to control any of the units that join your side.

Don’t forget to use your Legion Commands when you have your controllable allies reach the enemies. You should probably save Aldric for last, if you can, although it doesn’t really matter. He’s likely the toughest enemy unit on the field still, though, which means he will probably go down last.

Upon winning the battle, the party will be transported to the Imperial Army Headquarters. This is a dungeon that isn’t really anything special, as there are no chests, but there are some glowing spots here and there that yield consumable items. You can safely ignore everything and go straight to the end, where you will encounter a boss fight with Heinrich.

Heinrich Boss Guide

If you have anything with fire resistance on it, whether equipment or the corresponding Rune, then that will be great here. Heinrich will mainly use fire spells, although his normal attack is physical in nature. He will be accompanied by two Imperial Elites with swords, who are nothing more than fodder. Heinrich’s normal attack is physical-based, as said, and will hit a character three times, with the damage totaling around 50-100 damage (depending on their defense.

(1 of 3) Inferno Pillar can deal some decent damage to a single character.

Outside of the physical attack, you will see Heinrich use Inferno Pillar often. This is a fire-based spell that can hit a character for some big damage, although it entirely depends on their magical defense. This will be most of the battle, until you get Heinrich to a certain HP threshold. At this point, he will start using Flames of Perdition, a fire spell that hits your entire party for potentially a lot of damage. You should also see him use Fire God’s Sword to buff his physical attack, which you don’t want happening at all.

By this time, he should be in yellow health, maybe red, so push it to quickly down him on the next turn. Keeping your health full should be something you strive to do during this battle, simply because of the buff and Flames of Perdition.

If you’ve gotten everyone else, then Leene will join just after the victory speech.

You will receive a Rune of Conflagration after the battle and once a few quick scenes play out, you will be back at the castle. Here, a few characters will automatically join your army, Goldwyn, Elektra, Maxim, Vorrdice, and Viesskin. If you’ve gotten every other character, these will be the last five you need before the final recruit can join. Once you regain control, exit the castle via the first floor and approach the central structure for a scene. During this scene, if you’ve gotten everyone else, the final character, Leene, will appear and finally join your team.

The next order of business will be retaking Eltisweiss back from the Empire!

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