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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Eggfoot Racing Explained

Jarrod Garripoli

One of the minigames you can encounter in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is called Eggfoot Racing. Unlocked after recruiting Paquia and Mandie, this minigame will have you racing little egg-like creatures. While there aren’t any more characters tied to the minigame, there is a trophy/achievement that requires you to complete all of the races. This page will detail how to unlock Eggfoot Racing, how to get more eggs, and tips to completing all of the races.

You won’t directly control your Eggfoots during Eggfoot Racing.

Unlocking Eggfoot Racing

You won’t be able to unlock Eggfoot Racing until after complete the story bits in the Euchrisse region. While you can recruit the characters related the Eggfoots as soon as that portion of the story is finished, you will need to do something a little extra to unlock the node for constructing the Racing Stables. To get to that node, you first have to build the Mission Guild, which requires an item that you cannot get until you can access the Den of the Dunes/second area of Bounty Hill.

When using the teleporter stones at your base, the Racing Stables will be directly south of the Hot Spring Entrance, on the western side of the outside area. Speak to Paquia to get started, where you need to hatch some eggs. There are three types of eggs you can get here, which are Regular Eggs, Promising Eggs, and Champion Eggs.

Egg Locations

The following spots are where the various eggs will drop from enemies. Note that once you first build the Racing Stables, you will be able to purchase Regular Eggs from Paquia. At HQ Level 3, upgrading the stables is possible and will allow you to purchase Promising Eggs from her. Once you get the necessary materials later in the game, you can upgrade the stables even further and purchase Champion Eggs. Outside of that, you will need to farm them from enemies.

(1 of 2) Specific enemies can drop the eggs you need to use in Eggfoot Racing.

Specific enemies can drop the eggs you need to use in Eggfoot Racing. (left), Keep defeating them to get a nice supply of racers. (right)

Egg Enemy Location
Regular Egg Shell Egg Grum County world map
Odd Egg Kyshiri Village world map
Eggfoot Headquarters world map
Promising Egg Eggfoot Headquarters world map
Flying Egg Great Sandy Sea
Qualasmi Bounty Hill; Third area
Champion Egg Qualasmi Bounty Hill; Third area
Mach Egg Imperial Army Headquarters
Frost Shell The Whitecrowns

Eggfoot Stats

Hatching an egg requires you to either wait 15 minutes or do a single race. Upon hatching an egg for the first time, you should see some stats. These stats will determine how well your Eggfoot does during the races. There are also two more important stats off to the right side, which are Start Race and Feed. The first one is the number of times you can participate in a race with that Eggfoot. Once it reaches zero, you won’t be able to do anymore races with it. The second option is the number of times you will be able to boost its stats after a race.

(1 of 2) The racer’s screen shows its stats, as well as how many times you can feed/race them.

The racer’s screen shows its stats, as well as how many times you can feed/race them. (left), After completing a race, you will gain an opportunity to increase their stats. (right)

Every time you complete a race, you will be given five options in which to feed your Eggfoot. The first four correspond to each of its four stats, while the fifth one gives it a balanced boost to all of the stats. Unless you want to boost a specific stat more than once, choosing a focused option is equal to four of the balanced one. So, if you are choosing to feed your Eggfoot one of each stat for the first four races, then you might be better off choosing the balanced approach, since it will amount to the same.

Eggfoot Skills

As you finish in first place on the various races, you will be rewarded with Fruits of Knowledge. These can be fed to your Eggfoots to give them skills that they will activate during races. Note that this option to feed them the Fruits doesn’t take away from the stats one. The skill you get is completely random and can have between one and three stars, which determine the potency of the skill. As you get deeper into the races, you will start earning Superior and Supreme versions of the fruits, which give a better chance to get higher-starred skills.

(1 of 2) The Fruits of Knowledge will unlock skills for your Eggfoots.

The Fruits of Knowledge will unlock skills for your Eggfoots. (left), The skill you get is completely random, though, and you can only equip two at once. (right)

Skill Description
Once more Speed up temporarily after recovering stamina.
I’ll catch up Speed up temporarily, more each time you’re overtaken while out of stamina.
On a roll Speed up temporarily when overtaking.
Wait for me Speed up instantly and temporarily increase max speed when overtaken.
Step on it Speed up temporarily.
Here I come Speed up instantly and temporarily increase max speed.
Second wind Recover stamina.
I’m with you Use less stamina temporarily.
All ready Recover stamina when terrain changes.
Gotta move Recover stamina faster over time based on position.
Can’t stop me Recover stamina when an item interferes with you.
Wait a sec Use an interference item that reduces the top speed of opponents right in front of you.
Keep away Use an interference item that reduces the top speed of opponents right behind you.
Not so fast Use an interference item that slows down a single opponent right in front of you.
Don’t leave me Activate an interference item that reduces the top speed of all racers.

Eggfoot Breeding

One of the options when you choose an Eggfoot is breeding, but you aren’t able to do it with just any one of them. You can only breed an Eggfoot whenever you have exhausted their Feed opportunities. When that reaches zero, then you will be able to breed that Eggfoot. Basically, you need to race two Eggfoots the number of times that corresponds to the Feed number. Once you do that, then you can breed the two together to get a new offspring.

The stats of the offspring seem to be an average between the two parents and the rank is also determined from the parents. If the parents are both the same rank, then the offspring will be one rank higher. For example, if the parents are both E rank, then their offspring will become D rank. The offspring will also be able to inherit one skill from its parents.

(1 of 3) You can breed two Eggfoots that cannot be fed anymore to make a new offspring.

Obstacles and Terrain

Another thing you will see on your stat card for the Eggfoots are icons under Personality, which indicate their effectiveness against the various obstacles. Going from left to right, the icons are Hurdles, Food, Pitfalls, Ramps, and Tunnels. An up arrow on that obstacle means they are adept at passing it, while a down arrow indicates they’re not good against it. Underneath the obstacles are icons for the three different types of terrain you will encounter.

These don’t really do anything, in terms of being good or bad, as all racers will be affected by them. As you get better Eggfoots, though, you might see a letter next to one of the terrains, indicating that Eggfoot is good as traversing it. The terrain will do nothing else to your Eggfoot.

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