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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Beigoma Scenario Walkthrough

Ben Chard

The Beigoma scenario is one of the lengthiest in the game, but it’s an important one as not only are there two characters locked behind it, but you’ll also unlock Achievements for obtaining all 60 Beigoma and defeating every trainer. It’s an arduous task, so fortunately, this page will tell you how to complete the storyline and recruit Dr. Corque and Reid in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.

The Beigoma Scenario in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is a lengthy one.

There’s a lot to the Beigoma storyline, so if you want to jump to a specific point in it, click the quick jumps below:

Beigoma Story Beginning - Recruiting Dr. Corque

The first step in becoming the Beigoma master is to unlock the minigame itself, as until then, you won’t be able to start collecting the Tops that drop from enemies. Have a read of our Beigoma Battles Explained page to learn how the minigame works (it’s far more basic than it may look).

Once you’ve reached the Euchrisse story arc, return to Eltisweiss and find Crash and Reid in the southwest of town. Following the scene go to the previously locked door on the east side of the town where you’ll meet Dr. Corque, battle Reid, and get your first Beigoma. At this point, the scenario starts properly.

(1 of 4) You can find Taq in Altverden Village

Once you have high quality Beigoma (preferably those from The Chelonian Goliath, Vilashnu dungeon), you will need to venture around the continent battling specific players. The following steps should help you progress the storyline:

  1. Altverden Village: Beat Taq, who is in front of the Inn
  2. Kyshiri Village: Beat Fender near the center of the village
  3. Werne Village: Beat Celera, who is near the farm in the northwest
  4. Eltisweiss Village: Return to Eltisweiss and speak to Dr. Corque to have him join the Alliance

All of these battles should be simple enough to win if you have the Beigoma from the dungeon mentioned above. Once Dr. Corque has joined, the second part of the scenario will begin and you must take out Crash’s minions.

Crash’s Minions and the Four Spintinels

The next step of the Beigoma scenario will involve another battle with Reid at the new location of Dr. Corque’s Beigoma shop at your HQ, followed by seeking out and defeating Crash’s minions. The level of difficulty of these opponents will be raised slightly, but are still no match for the Tops obtained from The Chelonian Goliath dungeon.

The following steps should help you progress the storyline:

  1. HQ: Head to Dr. Corque’s new shop at your HQ and you’ll challenge Reid to another battle
  2. Daphan Village: Defeat Venom, who can be found outside the Inn
  3. Arenside: Defeat two regular players and then defeat Thudd near the southwest exit
  4. The Treefolk Village: Defeat two more regular players and then defeat Zeph near the entrance
  5. HQ: Return to Dr. Corque’s shop and defeat Reid once again
  6. Hishahn: Defeat three more regular players and then defeat Flowe, who is just outside the Trading Shop
  7. Impershi’arc: Defeat four more regular players and then defeat Pyre, who can be found near the Item shop

(1 of 6) You will need to defeat Reid in two separate occasions at the HQ

All Beigoma Player Locations

As mentioned in the walkthrough above, once you start taking on the Four Spintinels, you’ll need to battle regular opponents before they’ll face you. While most of these battles should be simple at this stage of the game, locating them may be tricky. The table below will show you where you can find them and the rewards they offer:

Trainer Location Reward
Villager Arenside Healing Herb x6
Traveler Fort Xialuke Healing Herb x6
Girl Eltisweiss Healing Herb x6
Citizen Eltisweiss Revival Medicine
Elder Altverden Village Revival Medicine
Villager Werne Village Healing Herb x6
Boy Kyshiri Village Healing Herb x6
Villager The Treefolk Village Recovery Incense
Citizen Hishahn Recovery Incense
Boy Hishahn Recovery Incense
Elder Twinhorne East Recovery Incense
Girl Daphan Village Revival Medicine
Soldier Dabavin Revival Medicine
Dr. Felix Impershi’arc Recovery Incense
Noble Ardinale City Recovery Incense
Ishiyama Ardinale City Recovery Incense
Villager Yarnaan Revival Medicine
Boy Athrabalt Revival Medicine
Citizen Athrabalt Recovery Incense
Typhoon Athrabalt Recovery Incense
Boy Skriss Village Recovery Incense
Citizen Twinhorne West Recovery Incense
Stout Merchant Impershi’arc Revival Medicine
Noble Ardinale City Recovery Incense
Traveler Bounty Hill Recovery Incense
Traveler The Den of the Dunes Recovery Incense
Beigoma Sage Eltisweiss Fenrir
Resident Headquarters Healing Herb x6
Resident Headquarters Revival Medicine
Resident Headquarters Recovery Incense

Crash and Dr. Corque

Once the Four Spintinels are defeated, all that remains is to deal with Crash himself. You’ll find him in Ardinale City, near the Item shop, and you’ll need to defeat another three regular Trainers before you can challenge him. His lineup of Beigoma is powerful so you’ll need to make sure you have the Beigoma from The Chelonian Goliath dungeon to stand a chance against him. Defeat him though, and you’ll bring the scenario to an end along with obtaining the Devil of Destruction Beigoma!

(1 of 2) Crash can finally be taken down in Ardinale City

Crash can finally be taken down in Ardinale City (left), you can battle Dr. Corque at Gardhaven Castle. (right)

There is, however, one more battle for you to deal with (two if you include the Beigoma Sage mentioned above), against Dr. Corque himself. You won’t be able to reach him until after the point of no return (so you’ll need to load a clear save following it) when you storm Gardhaven Castle. After claiming the Blue Lens, you’ll find yourself taking a shortcut back to the 1F, down some lengthy stairwells. Once you reach the Save point at the bottom, you’ll find a room you can enter where Dr. Corque will challenge you to a match, beat him, and obtain the Infinity Force Beigoma, congratulations!

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