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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Chimera Boss Guide

Shane Williams

Chimera is quite a strange foe as it’s a snake, goat, and lion mixed into one. It’ll challenge you at the end of the Rune Research Lab - UG Passage Dungeon that takes place during The Rune-Lens Research Laboratory quest of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. On this page, we’ll provide you with the necessary tips to deal with the gimmicks and take it down.

Chimera is a mixture of beasts.

Chimera Boss Strategy

The Chimera has 4837 HP on the Normal Difficulty and has an extremely hard hitting attack which can one-shot the majority of your party if you don’t prepare yourself for it. You’ll need to take down a Modified Specimen W_1155, Heavy Modified Specimen B_1929, and a Synthetic Specimen R_0812 before you’re able to challenge the Chimera itself. We recommend that you use basic attacks and Hero Combos for these opponents as you’ll want to save your MP for the main event. If you find yourself running low on HP, then use any quality healing herbs you may have available before continuing to attack.

Once it’s just you and the Chimera, you’ll want to have Yaelu use the gimmick (Fire Cannon) when it’s available as this will deal 1,000 damage every time and then you’ll want to have everyone else do normal attacks until you have enough SP to perform the Young Imperial Combo (Seign, Valentin, and Pohl), as this will deal all enemies heavy damage. If you happen to have any fire-based spells equipped, then use these to hit its elemental weakness. Repeating this process, you’ll bring it down in no time.

(1 of 2) If you don’t use the Fire Cannon against the Chimera in the built up state

If you don’t use the Fire Cannon against the Chimera in the built up state (left), then it’ll perform hurricane wind. (right)

Unfortunately, it won’t be as simple as that though, as it has a few attacks up its sleeve that you’ll need to watch out for, such as Guardian’s Counter that will result in the Chimera retaliating and dealing minor damage when you attack it. If this happens, then you’ll need to make sure you heal up before continuing to attack. It’ll regularly use an attack called Build Up which will buff up the damage of its next attack, but if you use the Fire Cannon gimmick before it has another turn then it’ll take it out of the buffed up state. On the flip side, if the Fire Cannon option is unavailable, then you’ll want to have everyone on the team use “Defend” as it’ll follow up with Hurricane Wind, this will take everyone’s HP to below half. As always, heal up afterward before continuing your onslaught.

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