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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

All Rune Locations

Ben Chard

With 120 characters to choose from, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes offers the player a wealth of options when it comes to creating your ideal battle party. Chief among these are the Runes that each character can equip, offering benefits such as magical attacks, deadly skills, passives that increase your SP regeneration, and attribute enhancements. For completionists who are seeking to earn all of the Achievements and score that Platinum Trophy, you’ll need to collect every Rune in the game. Read on to learn where you can find or buy every last one of them.

You need to acquire 119 Runes to obtain The Hero Whom the Runes Smile On Achievement in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.

If you’re looking for a Rune from a specific category, click on the links below to jump straight to that section:

Magic Runes

There are a total of 24 Magic Runes to seek out in Eiyuden Chronicle, and these Runes feature the elemental Runes, of which there are three tiers, and the elemental enhancement Runes, one for each of the elements. You’ll gain most of these as you progress through the game, but there is one (Rune of Brilliance) that requires you to enter the Hero’s Trial (the toughest content in the game).

(1 of 2) Some Runes will drop from bosses

Some Runes will drop from bosses (left), while many Skill Runes are exclusive to specific characters. (right)

Skill Runes

There are 17 non-character exclusive Skill Runes, and these all focus on dealing direct damage to your enemy at the cost of SP. Some characters will come with some of these already equipped, however the locations column will show you alternative locations for them. Of special attention with these Runes are the ones that can only be had by upgrading your HQ Rune Shop to the maximum.

Passive Runes

There are 19 non-character exclusive Passive Runes to locate, and these tend to be rarer than most of the other Runes. By the time you first start unlocking Passive slots, you’ll notice that you don’t have many to even equip. The Warrior’s and Mage’s Pinnacle Runes are fantastic options to give your best damage dealers some extra oomph and are well worth equipping as soon as you can.

Enhancement Runes

These are by far the largest category of Runes in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, and as such, you’ll often have multiple copies of many of them. As you may expect, these Runes will enhance your attributes, resistances, or even your starting SP itself. More importantly, there are a few Runes here that can only be had in the Hero’s Trial.

(1 of 2) You’ll often find Enhancement Runes at the various shops around Allraan.

You’ll often find Enhancement Runes at the various shops around Allraan. (left), Some characters will get an exclusive Passive Rune, like Momo. (right)

Character Exclusive Runes

The rest of these Runes are all exclusive to the character that has it equipped (or learns via leveling up). More importantly, these Runes do not count toward The Hero Whom the Runes Smile On Achievement/Trophy, as you only need 119 for this (which are the ones found in the Magic/Skill/Passive/Enhancement categories), so there’s no need to go out and level them up unless you want to use them in battle yourself.

There you have it, you now know where to locate every Rune in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes and can look forward to earning the Achievement/Trophy. Remember, to boost your chance at obtain the enemy drops, be sure to equip the Lucky/Super Lucky Badge accessory.

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