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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Eldroad Walkthrough

Jessica Dillon

You will head to the Norristar region during the To Norristar, The Western Nation mission. While this isn’t a long walk, it’s difficult for several reasons, including a battle with the Elder Dragon mini-boss. Many players might find themselves getting stuck on Eldroad before ever reaching Norristar due to this boss. The guide below goes over the enemies on Eldroad, the treasure chests, and how to defeat the Elder Dragon.

Eldroad is a short path with a tough boss.

Enemies in Eldroad

You will find a Bushtame, Toadstool, Dragon Vipers, and Tyrant Tortoises, and Adult Cockatrice. None of these enemies are particularly tough, but they are great for grinding out experience. Be warned that Tyrant Tortoises use an attack that damages the entire party. We recommend that you try to have your entire party at level 40 before going past the save point at the bridge on Eldroad.

Treasure Chests in Eldroad

Eldroad is a short area with only four treasure chests for you to find, one of which you will need to recruit Chandra to gain access to.

Navigating Eldroad

To get to Eldroad, leave HQ, head south, and then go past the Dappled Forest to the new area on the left side of the map. A tough fight awaits you ahead, so be sure you grab some healing items before going any further. Once inside, a cutscene will play, and you will be on your way to Norristar. You will find your first red chest down a flight of stairs shortly after moving along the pain path that contains an Anti-Petrify Scarf. For the next chest, head into the old ruins on the main path and at the end, you will find a blue treasure chest with the Dragon Doria Recipe.

Defeating The Elder Dragon

Once you come to a long bridge, you will see a save point, make sure to use it as you will encounter the Elder Dragon on the bridge. If any of your party members are low on health, you need to heal now as well. While this is only a short walk-in, you will want to make sure you are fully healed, as the Elder Dragon is a strong foe. There’s no gimmick to help you during this battle since he’s considered a mini-boss, despite the fact that he can easily feel harder than the Chimera you just faced. He can summon both a firestorm and Lighting Storm to attack your entire party, which can easily take out any weaker characters. The Elder Dragon will also attack two to three times in a row, making him hard to deal with. Generally, even if it looks like party members will go before him, they won’t, and he will dish out three powerful attacks. It’s almost guaranteed that you will have at least one party member defeated within a few turns of the battle. Normal attacks from staff and spear users will break the dragon’s defense over time.

Even his single-target attack is a pain that hits hard. You will need to make sure you are using Recovery Wave as much as possible in order to keep your party members alive. Once you get halfway through the fight, he will land on the bridge to dish out even more powerful attacks like the multi-hit Calamity Tail that can stun your party and attack your entire first row. He also uses a more powerful move called Flare Burst that will assault a party member for up to 500 attacks, likely taking them out of battle. Healing should be your main focus here. Just make sure to keep the characters who can do so at the back of your party to try and mitigate damage. Be aware that the dragon will attack the same party member three times in a row, which can lead to you using even more revival medicine.

(1 of 4) The Elder Dragon will attack three to two times in a row.

Once you are closer to the end of the fight, the Elder Dragon will roar and become engulfed in electricity. You will also find if you lose a large portion of your team that they will likely be defeated by the dragon again before you can heal them, making the fight even tougher since characters that were in the back will be moved to the front row. Just keep healing, and you should be able to push through the fight. For winning, you will get the Rune of Inferno and a Distant Dragon.

Finishing Eldroad and Yarnaan

Keep heading forward towards the exit and along the way, you will see a dead end with another chest containing a Bloodstained Helmet. Follow the road up to the exit point and take the dead end on your right, you will find another chest that contains the Faded Book, Chapter 15.

Once you’re off the Eldroad, you will arrive in Yarnaan, where you will be thrust into another fight with four Corpse Knights. These enemies can portal around to attack anyone on your team and they take a high amount of damage to get rid of, so be prepared for a slightly annoying battle. Luckily, you only need to defeat one to get the cutscene to play, where you’ll speak with Markus again and can continue on with the main story.

Use the stone in the center of the structure to move up to the third floor. Here, you will meet the Elder and learn more about the next part of your journey. Be sure to stock up on items and rest before heading out, as your party is likely low on stock and health. Alwe and Nil will join your party at this point, so make sure to try out your newest heroes as they are required to be in your party.

For the next part of the story, you will be heading to Arthabalt. To get on the right path, head back down to the first floor and exit out of the left side and into the Norristar region. Athrabalt can be found in the center so make your way there and once inside, head to the palace at the top of the city to speak with Sallas Baelrant and start to establish a new ally. After the meeting, you will start In The Land of Snow, the next story quest.

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