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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Astraea the Judge and Slaosha the Enforcer Boss Guide

Jarrod Garripoli

At the end of the Proving Grounds dungeon, you will do battle with not just one set of bosses, but two. The first set will pit you against Astraea the Judge and Slaosha the Enforcer, with Astraea being the worst of the two. This page will give you all of the tips to deal with this duo.

Astraea and Slaosha are a pair of bosses you will face at the end of The Proving Grounds.

Astraea and Slaosha Boss Strategy

You will have two targets from the start of the battle, with Astraea having some armor that will limit the damage you do to her. Slaosha doesn’t have any armor, so you will be able to fully damage him. It’s best to start with Slaosha, though, then worry about Astraea second. The reason for this is that Slaosha can heal Astraea (it’s very minor and only heals 20 HP), but that heal will also regenerate her armor/shield. So, even though you can damage the shield with Nowa’s Chain Smash skill, the golem will pretty much negate that.

Outside of the heal (Grace of Worship), the only other attack to watch out for in the first phase is Light of Judgment from Astraea. This is a magic attack that will hit your back row, so depending on the characters there, it might not hurt too much. However, if you have someone like Lian in the back row, then she will suffer a lot of damage, due to her weaker defenses. That’s all of the moves you will see in the first phase, though, as the other attacks are just normal ones. Both of their normal attacks can reach the back row.

(1 of 3) Light of Judgment will hit an entire row of characters.

Phase 2

Defeating Slaosha will cause Astraea’s hair and staff to change color, while also activating the angel-like beings on the pillars surrounding the arena. These aren’t enemies and you can’t target them, but they will be used in a new attack in this phase. The first thing you should do here is work on breaking the armor/shield, so have Nowa concentrate on using Chain Smash exclusively until it’s finished.

The new skill that is used is called Smite of Punishment, which hits your entire party for some pretty big damage. There isn’t really any indication the move will be used, so you’ll want to make sure everyone’s HP is above 100, to be on the safe side. Other than that new attack, Astraea will pretty much do the same attacks as during the first phase. She doesn’t seem to have too much HP, though, but work on the armor and heal when necessary.

Smite of Punishment will be used whenever Astraea is alone.

You will be rewarded with a Rune of Light and a Cute Ribbon following the defeat of the bosses. If you need to restock, leave the dungeon now and do that. Once you’re ready, go past where Astraea was located and you will encounter Hurstwine and Narungarde, the second of the two sets of bosses.

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