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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Recapture of Eltisweiss War Battle

Jarrod Garripoli

You’ve finally succeeded in winning over the Dux, who tried to invade your Headquarters. With that notch on your belt, it’s finally time to take it to Aldric and his lands. However, before you will be able to get to him, you will need to take back Eltisweiss from the Empire’s hands. Meet up in the war room and when you’re ready, tell Melridge you are good to go, which will start the war battle!

It’s finally time to retake Eltisweiss back from the Empire!

Winning the Recapture of Eltisweiss

At this point, you should have recruited all of the characters in the game. If not, then you couldn’t have gotten Leene, since she requires everyone prior to this. Because of the high number of recruits, you should have some good power behind your units. If you still want more, there are two nodes in the HQ Blueprints that give them extra strength. It’s probably a good idea to have these, too, since it can make the war battle much easier.

If you remember the first war battle of the game, then this will look familiar to you, although the roles are reversed this time. Chapell will be trying to defend Eltisweiss here and the other enemy units are just basic ones. Your units will be starting on the southern side of the map, on the outside of the main walls. The goal here is to simply defeat Chapell’s unit, which isn’t going to be too difficult to do and it’s quite possible to do this without defeating the generic ones.

(1 of 3) The roles are reversed from the first war battle that happened here.

Similar to the first battle here, you won’t be able to do much of anything, since there is a large wall and gate blocking off the enemies. Thankfully, as you start moving forward on the first turn, there will be a quick scene and Seign’s Rune-Tank will blast the main gate down. Likewise, moving the two units on the outside will also move some portable ramps along with them. Upon reaching the outer walls, the ramps will be set up and your units can head inside that way.

The one thing you will want to keep track of here is that some of your units will automatically move on their own, especially in the beginning of the war battle. They are not going to get themselves hurt, since they won’t come into contact with enemies right away. Just move the other units with them and you should be just fine. As you come into contact with the enemies, don’t forget to use the Legion Commands available to you to make shorter work of them.

(1 of 2) Using your Legion Commands at the right time will make this battle much easier.

Using your Legion Commands at the right time will make this battle much easier. (left), All you have to do is simply defeat Chapell’s unit to win. (right)

Depending on how Chapell moves, you might run into him sooner rather than later. If he joins other enemy units, then some of your own might be in danger, so try to keep them together, if possible. Upon defeating Chapell’s unit, though, the war battle will end and you will enter Eltisweiss.

Chapell Boss Guide

Upon arriving inside Eltisweiss, move ahead to the north, where you will encounter some Imperial soldiers. Most of the enemies here are pretty easy, so you shouldn’t really have any trouble with them. Just follow them the in-game objective marker, where you will eventually run into Chapell and fight him. He will come with three Imperial Elites, so take them out first before you focus on him.

He’s fairly tame, too, and doesn’t have a lot of attacks. His basic attack seems to be magical in nature and can hit anyone, so no one is safe. Thor’s Hammer is a single target spell that hits a character multiple times, for decent damage. The other magic attack you can see is called Lightning Surge, where Chapell will hit a column with the wind magic. He doesn’t seem to do any other moves besides those, though, so Chapell is fairly easy to defeat.

(1 of 3) You’ll have to fight a few normal battles before you get to Chapell.

After winning the battle, you will receive a Rune of Tempest and Eltisweiss will finally be free of the Empire’s control. Some scenes will play out and you will regain control at your Headquarters. Note that with Eltisweiss being free, you can get some Rare Shop Items there. Otherwise, meet up with everyone at the Great Hall to set forth for the final confrontation with Dux Aldric at Gardhaven Castle!

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