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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Upgrading Headquarters Level

Shane Williams

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes can be a hectic game at times, so the Headquarters offers players a unique way to break things up by building a variety of facilities that creates a comfy home for all of the people you’ve recruited to the alliance. On this page, we’ll provide you with the necessary steps on upgrading your HQ to Level 4.

There are four levels to the Headquarters.

Headquarters Upgrade Requirements

The Headquarters will become available to you during the Separate Ways main quest. It can be upgraded four times and each Level will allow you to build new facilities and upgrade existing ones. Before you can rank up your HQ, you’ll need to recruit a specific number of allies to the alliance and you can find out which ones are available via our All Recruitable Characters guide.

You’ll also need some Headquarters Funds saved up in the bank and although this will generate by itself while you’re doing other things within the game, you can find some tips on how to generate it faster on our Earning Headquarters Funds page. Finally, each level will require a specific set of materials which can be difficult to find, but we’ll provide you with their locations below.

Level Funds Allies Materials
2 6,400 26 Food x100
3 11,760 46 Excellent Lacquer x4
4 38,400 100 Food x380, Pelt x60, Legend. Beat Horn x2

Level 2

Headquarters Level 2 will require 6,400 Funds, 26 Allies and x100 Food. You can easily get your hands on Food by purchasing the “Establish Pasturage” Blueprint, but this will require you to recruit Martha who can be found on the eastern side of the HQ (in the town, not the castle) or you can simply farm it yourself by interacting with the gathering nodes in Bounty Hill. However, you’ll have to wait around five minutes for a spot to respawn, so this method isn’t very time efficient. With the HQ at Level 2, you’ll gain access to the following facilities:

  • Divination Parlor - Reveals the locations of recruitable allies
  • Library - View an encyclopedia which features enemy weaknesses, locations, and drops
  • Restaurant - Purchase meals which provide buffs to the party.
  • Appraiser Shop - Appraise Unidentified Items
  • Card Shop - Challenge other players at Card Battle and purchase card packs
  • Rune-Lens Shop - Purchase New Rune-Lens
  • Stowpack - Increases Inventory and Resource Bag limit
  • Armor Shop - Purchase the latest equipment
  • Accessory Shop - Purchase the latest accessories
  • Smithy - Increases Weapon Level
  • Drill Ground - Allows you to develop allies abilities when they are not in your party
  • Hotspring - Provides a Buff to the party
  • Fishing Spot - Allows you to gather fish
  • Hunters Cabin - Allows you to obtain Pelts
  • Mission Guild - Allows you to dispatch allies on missions

(1 of 2) The Drill Ground at the HQ.

The Drill Ground at the HQ. (left), The Accessory Shop at the Trade House. (right)

Level 3

Headquarters Level 3 will require 11,760 HQ Fund, 46 Allies, and Excellent Lacquer x4. You can acquire Excellent Lacquer by interacting with the gathering points in the Dappled Forest - Depths, which becomes available during the Reunion Main Quest. With the HQ at Level 3, you’ll gain access to the following facilities:

  • Auditorium - Allows you to listen to the game’s soundtrack
  • Workshop - Allows you to build furnishing for Nowa’s Room and the town
  • Mysterious Room - Allows you to recruit Selbineth and unlocks Hero’s Trials
  • Drill: Mock Battle - Allows you do mock war battles (completing all five will unlock an achievement)
  • Trading Post - Opens a Trading Post in town
  • Nowa’s Room: Redecorate - Allows you to customize the furnishing in Nowa’s Room
  • Mission Guild - Send allies on Missions to obtain rare items
  • Theater - Perform plays using found scripts
  • Racing Stables - Hold Eggfoot Races and breed them

Additionally, you’ll be able to get some Fishing Rod Upgrades and reveal new fishing Spots. You can also upgrade the Armor, Item, Accessory, Smithy, and Card Shop further.

(1 of 2) The Card Shop at the Trade House.

The Card Shop at the Trade House. (left), Hero’s Den can get a new Renovation. (right)

Level 4

Headquarters Level 4 will require 38,400 HQ Funds, 100 Allies, Food x380, Pelt x60, and Legend. Beat Horn x2. Both Food and Pelt will be obtained naturally via the HQ Facilities, but the Legend. Beat Horn will require you too seek it out. It can be acquired by interacting with the gathering spots in the Bounty Hill - Depths, Snowpeak Paths, or it can be earned as a reward from certain mission guild tasks. Having your HQ at Level 4 will give you access to the final upgrades for the majority of the facilities and the final set of mission tasks for the mission guild.

This gives you the only possible way of getting Ancient Dragon Tooth, which is an item that’s required to purchase a lot of the upgrades needed at level 4. Additionally, you’ll be able to make use of the Depot: Conversion Feature which allows you to convert materials into material batches at the resource department and you can build Landmarks which gives your HQ a unique look.

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