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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Reyna Recruitment Guide

Jarrod Garripoli

You’ll run into a lot of different characters in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, with there being plenty to recruit for your army. One of these characters is someone named Reyna, who can be a bit difficult to recruit upon first encountering her. You will need to deal enough damage to her within a set period in order to actually recruit. To find out more info, as well as tips on how to bypass her immense defenses, check out the guide below.

Reyna can be found on the docks in Dabavin.

Reyna’s Location

You don’t have to do anything special to find Reyna, as you will likely just see her during the course of the main story. Once you make it to Dabavin, you will find her on the docks on the upper portion of the town. Speak with her to get things started, which will put you straight into a battle with her. Reyna will not attack you at all during the battle and you only have a total of three turns in order to deal enough damage. When you have done so, the battle will stop and she will join your army.

Strategy for Recruiting Reyna

The big problem here is that Reyna is one of the best defensive units in the game, so her defense is going to be pretty high, making your attacks not do nearly as much as they should. If you just go by normal attacks and some special abilities, then it’s highly likely that you won’t be able to deal the necessary damage. One method to cheat your way to victory here is with the Rune of Dark (first tier Dark Rune). You should also be around level 40 or so with your characters, as that seems to be a fairly sweet spot for dealing consistent damage.

(1 of 5) Reyna will do nothing but guard the entire battle, so your damage will be nerfed.

It does not matter which character is using the Rune of Dark, as you simply need the second spell from it, Sacrificial Brand. This is a damage-over-time spell that will hit for around 315 damage at the end of each turn. So, you will get 630 damage from it within the two turns, leaving you to make up about 900 damage with the rest of your attacks (you need to deal around 1,500 damage total on Normal to her). Having characters that can use Charge to build up some power is great, like Yusuke, Yuferius, and Scarlet.

If you have recruited Douglas, he should be in your Support slot, and you will want his effect to trigger. If it doesn’t, then try the battle until it does (Douglas will boost your attack for three turns). Once all the pieces are in place, initiate the battle. On your first turn, cast Sacrificial Brand, then normal attack with everyone else. If you have Charge characters, do that on the first turn. The second turn will be SP attacks/more regular hits.

If you see the battle end abruptly, that means you’ve done things right and should have Reyna joining your army after the battle ends!

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A spiritual successor to the Suikoden series, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is a classic JRPG that gives you the opportunity to recruit over 100 characters throughout your journey. Nowa, a boy from a small village, travels to the city to become a member of the Watch, only to be suckered into a plot to stop an empire from utilizing Rune-Lenses to expand their power and reach.

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