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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Trading System Explained

Jarrod Garripoli

Money can always be an issue in RPGs, especially in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, as you have a lot of characters to equip and that can get quite expensive. Thankfully, the game does offer plenty of ways to earn that Baqua, with one method being through Trading Posts. These are set up in certain towns and villages, allowing you to buy and sell the various items between them.

Trading can be involved, but it’s a great way to make money.

Trading Posts Locations

It should be noted that not every single town has a Trading Post, as they are in specific places. If you go to your world map and look towards the upper left corner, you should notice a list of shops and services a town has, by the use of icons. If you see a scale icon, then that means that location has a Trading Post. The items from trading are exclusive to it, so you won’t be able to get them elsewhere.

The locations where there is a Trading Post are as follows:

  • Werne Village
  • Treefolk Village
  • Hishahn
  • Twinhorne East
  • Impershi’arc
  • Ardinale City
  • Athrabalt
  • Twinhorne West
  • Headquarters (requires Hogan and building it)

Buying and Selling

Upon interacting with a Trading Post, you will see a bunch of items for sale. You should also notice that each item will likely have up and down arrows next to the price. While these might seem important, they’re just fluctuations on the price at that Trading Post. The most crucial part about this little trading system is that each post has different prices for each of the items. You also won’t be able to purchase every item at every single location, so you will need to know where to get specific things.

(1 of 2) The arrows at the posts reflect increases and decreases over the base price at that post only.

The arrows at the posts reflect increases and decreases over the base price at that post only. (left), You won’t find every single item at every Trading Post. (right)

With the above knowledge, you will basically need to figure out where to buy certain goods and where to sell them. For most of the items, you aren’t going to be gaining a lot of profit, since the best places to buy and sell them will only result in maybe a few hundred Baqua. However, there are some items that have a huge difference in buy/sell prices, so the profit will be a lot larger. Another point of contention here is that your inventory space is only so limited, so you might not be able to carry a large truckload of items on you.

Best Trades

The following list is all of the items that you can purchase/sell at Trading Posts, and it will show the best places to purchase them and the best places to sell them. Note that the Hot Spring Black Egg listed below might have a different name, depending on if you imported a save file from Eiyuden Chronicle Rising or not.

Item Best Purchase Best Sell Expected Profit (Each)
Rock Salt Hishahn Impershi’arc 60-70
Corn Treefolk Village Ardinale City or Athrabalt 100
Black Pepper Treefolk Village Ardinale City or Athrabalt 150-160
Wine Werne or Treefolk Village Athrabalt 200-220
Hot Spring Black Egg Werne Village Treefolk Village 300
Chen Rock Tea Werne Village Hishahn 400
Tanned Leather Werne Village Impershi’arc 520-550
Leather Clothes Ardinale City Werne Village 500
Silk Werne Village Impershi’arc 500
Foreign Clothes Hishahn or Twinhorne East Ardinale City 1000-1100
Kimono Impershi’arc Ardinale City 2400
Tar Stone Impershi’arc Athrabalt or Twinhorne West 500
Metal Ore Werne Village Treefolk Village 200-220
Crystal Ore Twinhorne East Ardinale City 400
Pink Coral Hishahn Athrabalt 800
Pearl Hishahn Athrabalt 1300
Diamond Werne Village or Headquarters Ardinale City 2000-2500
Rug Twinhorne East Impershi’arc 900
Perfume Treefolk Village Twinhorne East or Impershi’arc 200
Glassware Ardinale City Impershi’arc 250-300
Gleaming Orb Treefolk Village Twinhorne West 800-900
Painting Ardinale City Twinhorne East 1500-1600
Carving Twinhorne West or Ardinale City Impershi’arc 1500-1600
Wall Scroll Ardinale City Hishahn 2200-2300
Red Gemstone Headquarters Werne Village, Treefolk Village, Twinhorne East, Impershi’arc or Twinhorne West 3000
Gold Bread Headquarters Werne Village, Treefolk Village, Twinhorne East, Impershi’arc or Twinhorne West 120-150

(1 of 2) The idea behind trading is to buy low at certain posts

The idea behind trading is to buy low at certain posts (left), then find another post in another town to sell that same item at a higher price. (right)

There are three items that do not appear at first, not until you’ve done some work first at least. Wall Scroll seems to unlock after netting 100,000 in profit overall, while the Kimono requires a certain threshold from buying/selling enough Silk (probably 10,000 profit). The Gleaming Orb is similar to the Kimono, but requires you to make a decent profit from the Glassware (probably around 10,000, too). Considering the Kimono is only purchasable at one spot, it’s probably not worth it, even though you can get around double the buying price.

The Red Gemstone, Gold Bread and Clay Figurine are items only sold at your Headquarters, once you’ve gotten the Trading Specialties blueprint. The first two are fairly set in their prices, as you can see from the Best Selling list for each one. It’s the Clay Figurine that is a bit weird, as the prices fluctuate by a lot, so only buy when the price is below 2,000 and sell when it’s above 3,500 or 4,000.

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