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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Winning the Diradhe Duel

Ben Chard

As Marisa and the other guardians storm Castle Harganthia and defeat all of the obstacles laid at their feet by Diradhe, Marisa will challenge him to a Duel. Other than the final Duel in the game, this is by far the longest one and arguably, the most difficult. If you don’t choose the correct commands, you can very easily lose this Duel. This page will give you all of the correct responses to all of Diradhe’s statements.

Marisa and Diradhe will face off in a Duel in Harganthia Castle.

Phase One

The duel against Diradhe will take place over two phases, and your HP gauge will not recover between the two phases. This means you can’t afford too many mistakes or you’ll fail and need to retry (fortunately you’re given an option for a rematch).

The table below will show the statements from Diradhe, and what command will result in you dealing the most damage to Diradhe while minimizing the damage taken (since most of the time, you’ll always take at least some damage.).

Diradhe’s Comments Use
Oh, how I quiver, little Guardian! Frighten me more! Attack
No mere Guardian will stand in my way! Attack
This is none of your affair, child! Counter
Perish! Attack

Once you reach the Break part of Diradhe’s gauge and you have enough Tension yourself, use it against him to have the two of them tussle and find themselves on the ground, beginning Phase Two.

Pay special attention to Diradhe’s statements and use the correct command against him.

Phase Two

As mentioned above, you won’t recover your health between the two phases, so hopefully you won’t have lost too much during that first phase. It’s a lot easier to take more damage during the second phase, especially during the opening salvo so if you get here with not much remaining, you’re best retrying.

Once again, check out the table below for Diradhe’s statements and follow up with the commands in the Use column.

Diradhe’s Comments Use
Loathsome Creature! Counter
This is none of your affair, child! Attack
No mere Guardian will stand in my way! Attack
Perish! Counter

The biggest trap here is that three of the statements are the same as the first phase, only for two of them (None of your affair and Perish!) are actually reversed in what you should use against him. It’s also critical you nail the first statement in this phase, as if you choose the wrong option, you will take heavy damage.

Diradhe will say similar statements, but the command you need to use will be reversed!

Hit the break point for the second time and you will bring this Duel to an end, with the scene switching back to Nowa at the Headquarters, where a showdown with the Empire awaits!

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