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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

All Theater Script Locations

Jarrod Garripoli

There are many different services that you can unlock at your Headquarters in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. One of those is the Theater, which requires you to first recruit Clarke. Once you have done this, you will be able to find scripts throughout the game’s world that you can re-enact using your recruited characters. This page will focus on how to unlock the Theater, where to find all of the Scripts, as well as how to achieve an S-Rank for each play.

The Theater requires you to find scripts to have your characters re-enact them.

Clarke Recruitment Guide

In order to unlock the option to build your Theater, you will first need to recruit Clarke. You won’t be able to find him until you finish the story segment in Ardinale City, where you control Seign, as well as the other story portion with Nowa that happens at the same time. Once you have, go to Ardinale City and head to the eastern side, where you should see him standing in front of the fountain. Speak to him to learn he wants a script, but not any will do, as he wants a specific one.

The required Script you need is called The Star-Cross’d Lovers and it’s available right there in Ardinale City. Unfortunately, it’s something that might not be easy to get, as it’s one of the Rare Shop Items. If you don’t know what these are, then they are rare items in shops that aren’t always there. To make matters even worse, the shop is on a global timer, so they only change their inventory every 30 minutes or so. To learn more, visit the Rare Shop Items page.

Once you have the script, though, return to Clarke and he will join your army. Then, you can head back to your HQ and build the Theater, with it being located to the south of the Hot Springs.

(1 of 2) Four of the five scripts are rare items at various shops.

Four of the five scripts are rare items at various shops. (left), The Rising Script in Eltisweiss cannot be gotten until near the end of the game. (right)

Script Locations

At the beginning, you will only be able to perform The Star-Cross’d Lovers play. There are four more besides that script to be found in the world, although three of those are obtained via the same method.

Script Location
The Star-Cross’d Lovers Ardinale City shop (30%)
Red Riding Hood Kyshiri Village; Leene’s Room
Cinderella Treefolk Village shop (20%)
Forest Musicians Yarnaan shop (10%)
Rising Eltisweiss shop (10%)

It should be noted that at one point during the main story, you will lose access to Yarnaan, but you regain the ability to go there again later. So, if you don’t get the script at first, then you can still get it after you regain access to Yarnaan. For the Rising Script, you won’t be able to get that until much later in the main story, near the end. It will become available after liberating the town.

S-Ranking the Theater Scripts

With all of that out of the way, you can head over to the theater and speak to Clarke to get ready. Each of the five scripts have many different roles to fill and you just pick one of your characters to fulfill that role. The goal of the plays is to get an S-Rank on them, though, with the first time doing so granting you a reward.

(1 of 4) Certain characters are better for each role, so you can try to experiment if you want.

Script Characters to Use S-Rank Reward
The Star-Cross’d Lovers Clarke, Seign, Perrielle, Janquis Masquerade Mask
Red Riding Hood Valentin, Mellore, Garr, Jorhan, Iris Red Riding Hood
Cinderella Iris, Marisa, Cassandra, Perrielle, Marin, Mellore, Maxim Glass Slipper
Forest Musicians Huang, Wayve, Melridge, Gigina, Squash, Leon, Lilwn Wild Tower Shield
Rising Cassandra, Perrielle, Garr, Lian, Markus Hunter’s Suit

Getting a single S-Rank on any play will give you the A Distinguished Theater trophy/achievement. Although you only need to do one S-Rank for the above, you still need all of the Scripts to build all of the HQ’s blueprints for the Town-Building Hero trophy/achievement.

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