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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Rune Research Lab - UG Passage Walkthrough

Shane Williams

Rune Research Lab - UG Passage is a dungeon that takes place during The Rune-Lens Research Laboratory quest in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. On this page, we’ll provide you with the necessary steps to finding all of the chests and completing all of the key related puzzles.

The Rune Research Lab UG Passage will occur during the Imperish’arc portion of the story.

Rune Research Lab - UG Passage Chests

The Rune Research Lab is another dungeon that isn’t overly long, but there are still nine chests up for grabs and the table below will show you what you can obtain from them.

Moving to The Safehouse

You will start out at the graveyard and need to move through Ardinale city to the left underside near the general store. After the cutscene, head into the general store and to the back room. Here you will meet two new party members to fight alongside you, Ivy and Yaelu. You will now head to the right side of the area to get the dragon tank. This will take you to the next area with the dungeon.

Rune Research Lab - UG Passage Enemies

You may come across the Murdersoul, Lesser Demon, Assault Cleaner, Protuguard, Wandering Golem and Andromalius. Both Protoguard and Assault Cleaner have shields, so you’ll want to use blunt attacks against them to deplete the shield first and then you’ll be able to deal more damage. The difficult thing about this dungeon is you’ll typically be fighting enemies in large groups, so you’ll want to try and get them down quicker by using AoE (Area of Effect) Attacks, such as Earth Shaker.

We recommend that you have Yaelu use Blinding Fog at the start of every battle as this will have a chance to blind enemies, causing them to miss their attacks as a result. Additionally, if you see a Treasure Chest pop up in one of the many battles that you’ll have here, then try to make sure everyone attempts to open if you wish to obtain an Energizing Scarf.

Explore The Rune Lens Research Laboratory

(1 of 2) Open the chest in the northeast corner for the Blue Key

Open the chest in the northeast corner for the Blue Key (left), and use it open any doors with a blue keyhole. (right)

You’ll be entering the Rune Research Lab with an entirely new party which means you’ll be slightly underleveled, we recommend that you take some time to purchase some new equipment and stock up on healing items from the general store in Ardinale City first. Once you’re all set, enter the lab and take the first left to find a chest that contains an Anti-Confuse Scarf, then head over to the eastern side to find another chest that contains a Red Key.

Continue to follow the path around and head all the way up to the north, then open the door using the recently acquired Red Key and open the chest for the Blue Key. Backtrack a little until you reach the next corridor which leads to the west, and then head into the room on the opposite side to find a chest that contains some Patchwork Armor. Head to the northernmost point of the map and enter the room on the right to find a chest which houses the Tom Yam Kung Recipe, then head down the left corridor to trigger a scene.

(1 of 3) Open the chest in the southwest corner for the Red Key

Once you’ve regained control, enter the next open room to find a chest that’ll give you another Blue Key, then follow the path around and take the next right to find a chest that contains the Breton Galette Recipe. Head all the way down to the south and open the chest for a Red Key, then work your way back up and take the next left to find another chest that contains the Crankshaft. Return to the northernmost point of the dungeon and use the crankshaft to open the shutter, then enter the next room to trigger a scene.

Dux Aldric Duel

Before you’re completely done with the Rune Research Lab, you’ll have to face Dux Aldric in a Duel and this will require you to play close attention to the dialogue and react accordingly in order to come out unscathed. If you select the wrong choice, then you’ll take more damage than normal.

(1 of 2) Pay close attention to Dux Aldric’s comments.

Pay close attention to Dux Aldric’s comments. (left), and select the right response. (right)

Dux Aldric Comments Seign’s Response
A Necessary Sacrifice! That much should be clear Attack
I offered House Kesling my favor, and you repay me with this folly? Counter
What I do is for the greater good - something your small mind could never comprehend Attack
Says the boy with no vision whatsoever Counter
You’d rather keep your hands clean than secure a future for your people? Attack
It’s time you learned your place! Counter

Unfortunately, this isn’t a winnable battle so you’ll want to gradually deplete his HP (by selecting the choices above) and then a cutscene will play once you’re able to use Break against him.

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