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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Winning the Dux Aldric Duel

Ben Chard

With the beast summoned from the Primal Rune-Lens, Alde Dracare, now defeated, only one thing remains to bring this bloody conflict to an end. Confront Dux Aldric and put an end to his madness once and for all. This is the final Duel in the game, and your last obstacle before seeing the credits. This battle will take part over three phases, and you can find the correct responses to each of Dux Aldrich’s statements below!

One final encounter awaits with Dux Aldrich at the end of Gardhaven Castle.

Phase One - Nowa

After exchanging ideals, you’ll be face-to-face with the Dux as Nowa alone, above the great hall of Gardhaven Castle. Much like the Diradhe Duel, you won’t recover your health between phases. There are, however, five different statements from Aldrich (and Nowa) that you need to judge what the correct command to use is.

The table below will show the statements from Dux Aldrich, and what command will result in you dealing the most damage to him while minimizing the damage taken (since most of the time, you’ll always take at least some damage).

Dux Aldirch’s Comments Use
With what power? Show me! Attack
My plans for the world will not be impeded! Counter
What is it about you? Why must you still interfere?! Attack
You will not sway me from my path! Attack
(Nowa) Here I come! Attack

Once you have enough Tension and Dux Aldrich is near his Break point, use it to bring the first phase to an end, causing him to retreat to another walkway where Seign will tag in.

(1 of 2) You’ll control Nowa in the first phase.

You’ll control Nowa in the first phase. (left), Seign will tag in after depleting a quarter of Dux Aldrich’s health. (right)

Phase Two - Seign

Much like Nowa’s phase, you’ll have five statements to react to from Aldrich and you will have noticed that your health gauge has not been restored. Once again, check out the table below for Dux Aldrich’s statements and follow up with the commands in the Use column.

Dux Aldrich’s Comments Use
You have betrayed your empire! Attack
I am weary to death of your preaching! Counter
You know NOTHING! Attack
Simple-minded whelp! Counter
You will not sway me from my path! Attack

You’ll need to take Dux Aldrich’s health much lower in this phase, but it’s also much easier to avoid taking damage yourself. Once it’s low enough, trigger the Break to move on to the final phase.

Phase Three - Marisa

This is the final phase of the Duel, so hopefully you reach this stage without losing too much health as it would be painful to lose at this point and go through the first two stages again. You’ll need to bring Aldrich’s health gauge down to end the battle this time around.

In the table below, you can find the comments from Dux Aldrich, along with what command you should reply with.

Dux Aldrich’s Comments Use
It was INEVITABLE! Had I not done it, someone else would have. Attack
I will not be lectured by you, Guardian! Counter
Humanity has a right to wield the lenses. It is our destiny to attain that technology. Counter
(Marissa) All you want is to build weapons! Attack

(1 of 2) Finish Dux Aldrich together once you fully deplete his health.

Finish Dux Aldrich together once you fully deplete his health. (left), Marisa will take over for the final phase. (right)

Once you reach the required Tension, use Break to bring Marisa’s phase to an end. However, that’s not the end of the battle, once Nowa, Seign, and Marisa join together, select Break one final time to bring the Duel, and Dux Aldrich’s reign, to an end!

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