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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Avoiding Detection in Werne Village

Jessica Dillon

After returning from the Mountain Path, you are soon sent to Werne Village, where you will undertake a stealth mission. This forces you to slip past the guards until you reach the tents now set up in the middle of town. This is a bit confusing as there are several sections where it seems like you can’t proceed or that nothing happens when you proceed. You will need to know where to go and when to run forward to achieve your objective. The guide below goes over how to move past the guards and trigger the final stealth area.

You will need to sneak by the guards to reach the center of Werne Village.

Maneuvering Through Werne Village

After you get news of an emerging war, you will head to the northern village of Werne Village. You should consider taking Francesca with you to heal your party. Upon entering the village, you will discover that it’s covered in guards, so the objective is to sneak past them. The first guard is easy to pass, just wait for him to face north and run past. You will then come to some stairs with a guard facing towards you and not turning. He will not turn, so you need to run up to him, and a cutscene will play where Nowa notices the barrel. From here on out, you will be using barrels to make your way past most guards. The strategy is to wait for them to turn from the barrel and then hide in it until they look the other way. The next section has two barrels and you will need to wait for each guard to turn and then make your way to them to slip towards the stairs.

You can then exit the barrel and run to the next safe area. If you get caught during this process, then you will be reset to the previous level autosave point. This will be just above the last guard you got past. Once you go down the steps to the tents, head inside the smallest tent on the left, and another cutscene will play. From here, it looks like you are supposed to make your way around the guards to your left. You will want to walk towards the big tent; another cutscene will show up, and another guard will take post. You will now need to head to the left and sneak by two guards at once.

(1 of 4) Wait for guards to turn away and run past.

Wait until the first guard faces north, and then run to the barrel. You will want the second guard to face right and then run past him. You will need to get past two more guards, so wait for the first to turn north and then run to the barrel, before waiting until the second guard turns north and run past them. You will now start another cutscene before the party starts to run away. Head up the right steps, and you will be stopped by two soldiers. This is the first of three groups and each group you encounter will add an additional enemy. They can have high damage, so be sure to heal often. Once you’re done with the first set, head down the path; three more guards will attack you and once they’re gone, head forward to confront the final set of four guards before you can make your escape.

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