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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Dead Countess Boss Guide

Shane Williams

You’ll encounter the Dead Countess at the end of the Castle Harganthia dungeon that you access as part of the Storming Castle Harganthia Main Quest in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. On this page, we’ll provide you with the necessary tips to deal with her attacks and take her down.

Dead Countess will greet you at the end of Castle Harganthia

Dead Countess Boss Strategy

The Dead Countess has 5,102 HP on the Normal Difficulty so you’ll want to have everyone use basic attacks until you’re able to perform hero combos that deal massive damage to one enemy or if you want to deal slightly more damage per round, then we recommend using darkness-based spells to hit her elemental weakness. Unfortunately, you won’t be only dealing with the Countess, as she’ll be able to summon a Samurai-Revenant, Maiden-Revenant, and Spooky-Revenant.

You’ll want to shift your focus over to these until they’re dead as you won’t be able to attack her and you’ll be taking x4 the amount of damage per round which massively increases your chance of dying. Thankfully, they don’t have much health so you can take them down relatively quickly, but if you want to speed up the process then we recommend that you use a hero combo that deals moderate damage to all enemies, such as the Guardians Combo.

(1 of 2) Caedis Tragoedia will damage one opponent.

Caedis Tragoedia will damage one opponent. (left), Inferni Gemitus will damage everyone standing on a chandelier. (right)

While you’re chipping away at the Dead Countess and her fiends, you’ll need to deal with a couple of attacks. Caedis Tragoedia is a single target attack that deals around 200+ damage and Inferni Gemitus which will blast one of the chandeliers with dark magic and deals around 130+ damage to everyone standing on it. You’re guaranteed to take some damage from these attacks, so you’ll want to make sure you top up everyone’s health before continuing to attack! Defeating the Dead Countess will reward you with the Rune of the Void which allows you to use level IV and VI Dark Magic. Following your victory against the Dead Countess, you’ll be thrust into a Duel against Diradhe.

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