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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Greatwood South Walkthrough

Jessica Dillon

The main quest after completing the Proving Grounds, takes you to Euchrisse through the southern end of the Greatwood. This will lead you past many chests and likely will place some weaker party members back into your party. Below, you will find all the enemies in this quest, where the treasure chests are located, and where you can get some new party members along the way.

You will enter the next area through the Treefolk Village.

Enemies in The Great Wood South Depths

The Rabbit Archwitch is difficult as it can cast a semi-powerful ground attack that damages your entire party. In the area, you will also find Rabbit Heroes, Bear Riders, and Killer Fungus. Be careful, as the Bear Riders can whistle to summon a Rabbit Archwitch, making battles even more dangerous, target them first to prevent this from happening.

Enemies in Euchrisse

There will be new enemies you encounter after you enter Euchrisse. Sahagin, Cactus Predator, and Grimeoid. None of these are particularly difficult to fight, just make sure your party has enough HP to move around the field.

Treasure Chests in The Greatwood South Depths

Navigating The Greatwood South Depths

When you start the new quest, the characters that you traveled with in the Proving Grounds have now gone their separate ways. You may find that some of your party members are a bit underleveled, so use the area around Treefolk Village to level up. If you run low on health, you can easily return to the inn this way and rest up. Once you’re ready to explore, head into the Greatwood South Depths until you reach a dead end with a pitcher plant. You will need to head back to the Greatwood and walk to Treefolk Village. Be sure to check in with the character in the middle of the river, Gieran, as you now have the rune needed to recruit him to your party. Before you use the plant to move to the next area, go around the tree to open the blue chest; this will give you a Malachite Brooch.

You will now land on a tree with two pitcher plants. The one directly in front of you will send you back to the first area while the one on the other side of the tree will send you to another blue chest with a Turquoise Brooch. Once you’ve opened the chest, use the plant to move back to the Greatwood. It will spit you in the first area, so you will need to backtrack from here. Once you are back, head forward to reach the Great Wood South and be at the border of Euchrisse.

The Greatwood South

Once you enter the area, head to your left and use the plant. In the next area, follow the path forward, and you will find a blue treasure chest behind some retreating plants, open it to get an Armband. Continue up the path to find another plant and once you land in the next area, head right to find a second blue chest with a Pearl Brooch. This area also has a hidden chest, for it to appear, you have to engage in battle. Once inside, you will fight three enemies, two Bear Riders, and a Killer Fungus in our tests and in the back will be a treasure chest. This does seem to be a bit of a random event, so we can’t guarantee when it will appear or what the chest drops. To get it, you must choose to normally attack and select the chest as your target, doing so will open it.

(1 of 3) The first set of enemies you will encounter will likely have Rabbit Heroes and Archwitches.

You will now want to grab the second chest in the main area that’s in the second dead end on the right, this chest contains x6 Antivenom Herb. There will be one last dead end on the right side near the northern end of the Greatwood South. Here, you will find a chest with x2 Magic Drop. The final treasure chest of the area will be right below the save point on the left side, inside will be 1,800 Baqua. Be sure to save after getting the area’s final chest.

Reaching Euchrisse

Once you exit pass through the next area, you will arrive in Euchrisse. You can head straight to Hishahn or explore some of the other areas in the region. The first town you pass, Twinhorne East, has two new party members. The first is named Mariette, and she will join you once you find her charm in the Greatwood and become your headquarters librarian. For a complete guide on recruiting Mariette, click here. The second is named Pastole, which you will find next to the item shop. By speaking with him, you can recruit him right away. Placing him in the support role will allow you to gather more meat at hunting points.

(1 of 2) Pastole can be recruited right away in Twinhorne East.

Pastole can be recruited right away in Twinhorne East. (left), Perrielle will join your party at the end of the story mission. (right)

Once you make it into Hishahn, you will encounter Carrie on your way to the inn. Right after her, you will see a man named Riufan drinking on the dock with a water wheel behind it, this is another hero. Keep this in mind, but know you won’t be able to recruit him until later on. Once inside the Inn, Perrielle Grum will officially join your party, along with Janquis. Perrielle is a fighter who uses a sword, and Janquis increases the amount of Bacqua you can earn from battles when used as a support. You will now need to head to the palace at the top of town to meet with Euma. After the meeting, you will move into the next story mission, The Despondent King of Euchrisse.

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