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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Euchrisse War Battle

Jessica Dillon

The Empire will once again launch an attack, only this time it’s a strategy battle involving Hishahn forces. This battle introduces a few new tactics and, while still simple, is more fleshed out than the first strategy battle. There are a few new attacks and specials you can use to move the battle along faster. The guide below goes over how to defeat the Empire in Euchrisse and what each new ability can do in battle.

Kassius VS Goldwyn is the second war battle of Eiyuden Chronicle.

Hishahn Frontier Strategy Battle

Once you convince King Euma to fight in “What’s The Right Choice?”, you will be asked if you’re ready to battle after arriving at the Inn. If you want to explore the area more, say no and head out. keep in mind that there are still a few party members to find in the area, and recruiting them now will keep you from backtracking later. Once you’re ready to start, let Janquis know by speaking with him. You will now do a bit of running before going to the throne room and confirming that you are ready to start the battle against the Empire. This strategy battle introduces several new mechanics. One is Rage Mode, this mode activates when the Rage Meter fills. To fill the meter, your legions will need to take damage in battle, but once the meter is used, your units will have their attack increased.

There is also a Morale Mode. This is a separate meter that will only fill when your legion deals damage to the Empire. Once it’s active, it prevents enemy legions from running away, helping you to speed up the flow of battle. Finally, you will have access to Special Skills. These can be activated at the start of the battle and can be used to do things like boost your legion’s attack to give you an extra edge before you engage an enemy legion. The battle flows a bit differently this time as you will be managing three units to start and can move them anywhere you want on the battlefield. The winning condition is to make Goldwyn retreat, which isn’t as hard as it seems.

(1 of 3) Try to keep your units together until the fourth legion joins.

For starters, we suggest you move the three units as one. This ensures everyone is safe and lets you take on legions you encounter with ease. Once you get to your first skirmish, another legion will show up for backup. At this point, we recommend splitting your legions into two teams to deal with all the progressing legions. Don’t head for the back lines for now; just fight each unit as they start moving towards you, and you will send Goldwyn fleeing in no time. Once you return to the palace, a cutscene will play before you learn that Goldwyn is trying another ambush. This will activate a second strategy battle.

Defeating Goldwyn’s Ambush

This time Nowa is ready for the ambush, unlike at the end of the previous battle before the party moved to the castle. You will start with all four units and should move in pairs to attack the incoming soldiers. As you are taking down the enemy legions, dialogue will start between the Empire soldiers. They will decide that fighting is useless due to the Emperor being assassinated and then turn on Goldwyn, who refuses to surrender. You won’t be able to control this legion unit, but they will automatically move towards Goldwyn and attack him.

(1 of 2) Target the legions that are moving towards your units.

Target the legions that are moving towards your units. (left), After a while, parts of the Empire will change sides, at this point focus on targeting Goldwyn. (right)

At this point, start moving towards Goldwyn as well and keep attacking him. If you can use Morale, it will keep him from running away to shorten the battle. With all of your units and your new allies, the battle should be over shortly. At this point, a cutscene will play, and your new allies will tell you their reasons behind attacking Goldwyn. You will now return to your Headquarters automatically. The Empire deserters will also join your party at this point in the story, so keep moving the forward with your new team.

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