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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

War Battles Explained

Jarrod Garripoli

It’s safe to say that Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is a spiritual successor to the Suikoden series, as there are a lot of similarities between both of them. One of the things that carries over from the older series are War Battles. However, they play out a little differently than in those games, which had a myriad of different types throughout the years. This page will detail how War Battles work in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.

War Battles will pit your army against another one.

War Battles Basics

Throughout the main story, you will be forced to do some battles on a grander scale, with you pitting your army against another army. The War Battles will take place on a grid-based map, where you will have your units placed. Speaking of your units, they will consist of characters you recruit throughout the game, with their strength determined by the actual characters themselves. When a War Battle first begins, you will have the option of changing your units, although some of the earlier ones may restrict you to certain characters.

Most War Battles will typically force you to use specific characters as the unit leaders, but you will be able to change the sub-units under that unit. It’s important to note that each unit leader operates independently from one another, which should be taken into account, as you will typically start with more than one unit on a tile in later battles. So, these will need to be moved independently from one another. Another thing that is important to know about War Battles is that three units on a tile is the maximum you can have.

(1 of 4) As you recruit more characters, your army for War Battles will get stronger.

This also includes attacking enemies, as you can never have more than three aligned units passing through a specific tile (same will hold true for enemies). Once one of your units and an enemy unit meet, the battle between them will automatically take place. Depending on the battle that ensues, one of a few things can happen. Naturally, if the health bar of either unit is depleted, that unit will retreat from the battle completely. The other thing that can happen is one of the two units in battle suffering enough damage, where they will fall back to a different tile.

Legion Commands and Skills

War Battles aren’t just ones of attrition when you confront enemies on the field. The majority of characters you recruit, or at least those that can participate in War Battles, have skills attached to them. Passive Skills are simply those that automatically are used, while Auto Skills are those automatically used when special conditions are met. Some Auto Skills just happen randomly, while others might trigger on a certain turn or under another condition.

The legion commander and some sub-commanders will have special abilities, called Legion Commands. These usually affect the current tile, or an adjacent one, and need to be manually activated. They are typically a buff to your units, or a debuff to enemy units. Legion Commands are limited, though, with each one having a certain amount before you can’t use them anymore. Also, the majority of the Legion Commands will usually only last a single turn, so you will need to be extremely careful with using them.

(1 of 2) Most of the named characters will have skills that can activate during battles.

Most of the named characters will have skills that can activate during battles. (left), Legion Commands are powerful abilities that can make War Battles much easier. (right)

Rage and Morale Mode

As you are participating in the War Battles, you should see two gauges at the bottom of the screen, labeled Rage Mode and Morale Mode. They will increase as you take damage (Rage) or inflict damage (Morale). Once either bar is full, it will flash and you can press the designated button to activate those effects. Both effects only last a single turn, with Rage increasing your characters’ attack, and Morale making it so the enemy won’t retreat back to another tile.

Each War Battle will have a winning objective and a losing objective, although this may (and likely will) change over the course of the fight. Just complete the objective for winning to complete the War Battle.

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