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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Where to Recruit Characters for the Watch

Jarrod Garripoli

After the events at the Runebarrows, you will retake control in Eltisweiss, where you will be appointed the acting captain of the Watch. One of your first goals as the captain is to recruit some characters to the group, but you aren’t really told anything and are left to your own devices.

You can recruit the following characters at this point of the game:

This page will give you a quick rundown on how to recruit all of the characters in this initial set, including where to find them and anything else you might need to do to get them to join.

You’ll be able to recruit some more characters to your party once you make it to Eltisweiss.

Recruiting Iugo

One of the first characters you can get is right there in Eltisweiss, and it simply involves talking to him. Iugo is found in the tavern, which is a little hidden from view, as it’s one of the unmarked buildings you can enter. Go to the eastern side of the town and look for a small path there, which leads to one of those unmarked buildings you can enter. Go inside the building to find Iugo, so speak with him and he will join your party.

(1 of 2) Go to the right side of Eltisweiss to find this small passage that leads to the tavern.

Go to the right side of Eltisweiss to find this small passage that leads to the tavern. (left), Inside, you’ll find Iugo, who will join after a short conversation. (right)

Recruiting Mellore

There is one more character you can get from Eltisweiss at the beginning of the game, but it’s a bit more involved. Near the exit to the town, there are some stairs and it is around there you can trigger a scene with Mellore. Do that, then exit the town for another quick scene. Your next task is to get to Redthroat Ridge, located on the eastern end of the area of the world map. Mellore will join you as a guest during this dungeon, although you will be able to choose her actions during combat. Defeat the boss at the end and she will join you permanently. For more details, visit the Mellore Recruitment Guide.

Recruiting Yusuke

Yusuke can be found at Fort Xialuke, a location found in the north-central part of Grum County. Head inside to find some guards arguing with a man, so approach them for a scene. They accuse the man of being a bandit, which the man denies. At some point during this conversation, you will be able to choose a reply, although this doesn’t seem to affect anything. The second time an option pops up, though, pick the first one to get him to join your party.

(1 of 4) Yusuke can be found at Fort Xialuke, in the northern part of Grum County.

Recruiting Yume

In order to recruit Yume, you will first need to visit Werne Village, which is located in the northwestern corner of Grum County. You will also need to have recruited Mellore first, as the event won’t trigger until you do. Enter the village and look for an old lady NPC at the first crossroads, who will be to the right of some stairs just to the west. Speak to her to learn about her granddaughter, who went off to play with her friend. She mentions her granddaughter is either to the west or east, by the Redthroat Ridge. She will actually be located at the former spot, so head to Redthroat Ridge and enter it. Yume will be close to the beginning of the dungeon, so approach her for a scene, then ask her to join when the option appears to get her (and her friend) in your party.

Recruiting Kuroto

Kuroto, as well as Francesca, is found in Altverden Village, which is the town in the southwestern corner of Grum County. Once there, go to the building in the southwestern corner and look for the NPC standing in front of it. This will be Kuroto, who introduces himself as an expert hunter. Choose the first option when it appears to ask him to join your party. However, he will ask you to do something first, which is to defeat five Wild Boars.

These are normal enemies you can find in Redthroat Ridge, the dungeon on the eastern end of Grum County. It is possible that you’ve already defeated five Wild Boars if you went there for Mellore. If not, then you will have to go there and hunt them down. To be on the safe side, it’s best to just find and defeat five of them, so you don’t have to keep going back and forth to check. Once you’ve done this, return to Kuroto and he will finally join you.

(1 of 3) Kuroto is found in Altverden Village, in the southwestern corner of it.

Recruiting Francesca

Francesca is also found in Altverden Village, located in the southwestern corner of Grum County. Once you have found the place, go inside and to the northwestern corner of the town. You will trigger a scene here, where you’ll be introduced to Francesca. After the scene is over, choose the top option to get her to join your party.

That is all of the characters you will be able to recruit in this initial period. You can go through Fort Xialuke to get to Grum County North, but there isn’t anyone there. However, if you visit Arenside, you can get a Bamboo Rod from Huang in the southwestern portion of the town. This will allow you to unlock fishing, with there being two spots in Grum County North and Grum County. When you’re done, report back to the inn in Eltisweiss for a quick scene, then speak with Ymir to continue with the main story.

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