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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Attack Range Explained

Jarrod Garripoli

You will be doing plenty of battling in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, but there is one aspect that might be a little confusing. Sometimes, you might try to attack an enemy during a battle, but won’t be able to hit them. The reason for this is that every character you can use in battle will have a specific attack range. This page will detail how the attack ranges work in the game.

Attack Range in Battles

Battles in Hundred Heroes are pretty simple, as it’s a turn-based system that is affected by your character’s Speed stat. You can have up to six characters participating in battles, with there being both a front and rear row. Sometimes, you will see that enemies will also appear in a back row, too. All of this is pretty important to know, since some characters will not be able to hit enemies in their back row at all.

(1 of 2) The attack range of a character will determine the enemies they can hit.

The attack range of a character will determine the enemies they can hit. (left), Short-ranged characters won’t be able to hit enemies in the back row. (right)

There are three designations for your characters’ attack ranges, which are S for Short, M for Medium, and L for Long. The Short range means that the character can only attack one row in front of them, which means they will always need to be on the front line. If you put them in the back row, then they won’t be able to hit enemies at all. Characters with Medium range can attack up to two rows in front of them, meaning if they are in the back row, then they can hit enemies in the front row.

Likewise, if you have them in the front row, then they can hit both of the enemies’ rows. For characters with Long range, they can hit from anywhere, so they aren’t restricted at all. A lot of characters with a Long-range attack weapon generally use bows or are magic users, so they tend to be squishier than others, meaning they should stick to the back row. You can find the weapon range for characters on the Status screen in the menu, which is noted by just the S, M, or L letters. It should be noted that all magic is long range, but the various skills seem to depend on the character’s attack range.

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