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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Hishahn Old Town Walkthrough

Shane Williams

Hishahn Old Town is a dungeon that takes place during the Reveal Harlan’s Schemes! mission in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. On this page, we’ll provide you with the necessary steps to finding all of the chests and completing all of the barrel puzzles.

You’ll need to get through the Hishahn Old Town dungeon in order to investigate Harlan.

Hishahn Old Town Chests

Hishahn Old Town is one of the smaller dungeons in the game so you won’t find quite as many chests, but there are still five and the table below will show you what you can obtain from them.

Hishahn Old Town Enemies

You may come across a Sea Ghost (weak to Wind), Grimeoid (weak to Slash), Remora (weak to Wind), Sea Lizard (weak to Slash), Nikkari (weak to Wind), and a Salt Slug (weak to Wind) throughout the Hishahn Old Town dungeon. These won’t cause you too much trouble as long as you use their weakness against them and make sure your HP is topped up throughout the fight.

Find Evidence of Harlan’s Schemes

(1 of 2) Push the barrel into the water and jump across

Push the barrel into the water and jump across (left), then open the chest for some Magic Drops. (right)

Once you’ve entered the Hishahn Old Town dungeon, interact with the barrel and push it into the water and then use it to jump across to follow the path around. Head west when you reach the fork in the path to find a chest that contains x2 Magic Drops, and then you’ll want to head all the way over to the eastern side of the dungeon to trigger a short scene in an abandoned building.

Crossing The Gap

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to progress further into the dungeon until you’ve recruited Carrie and she can be found back in Hishahn. She’ll be hiding in various locations around the town and finding her three times will cause her to join the Alliance. You can typically find her near bridges, but if you’re struggling to track her down, then check out our Unlocking Fast Travel guide for all of her locations!

Place Carrie in the party and return to the Hishahn Old Town dungeon, then she’ll transport you across via the power of teleportation! Make use of the nearby save point and then follow the linear path around and grab the chest that’s sitting in the center of the bridge for 2,300 Baqua, then make your way over to the left of the chest and push the barrel into the water. Continue to follow the path all the way around (avoid the first left turn) and push the barrel into the water.

(1 of 3) Push these Barrels

Defeat Pagurian

Head back down to the previous left turn and push another barrel into the water, continue going left and cross the gap via the two barrels and then walk up the wooden ramp to find a chest that contains a x6 Quality Healing Herbs. Push the nearby barrel down to the area below and then go back across the gap and push the barrel into the water to the left. Follow the path around and you’ll encounter the boss of this dungeon, Pagurian, and if you make use of the gimmick ( attacking the young pagurian), you can knock it over and it’ll take more damage. For more information on this boss, check out our Pagurian Boss Guide.

With this boss dealt with, continue heading east until you reach the end of the path and then go south to find a chest that contains a Earning Badge, this boosts the money drop rate from battles. Go back and head further east and open a chest for a Rune of Water Enchantment along the way before going up the stairs to bring the dungeon to a close and trigger a cutscene.

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