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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Paquia and Mandie Recruitment Guide

Jarrod Garripoli

There are a total of 119 recruitable characters in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, with some being easy to get and other being a little more challenging. Some characters actually join in pairs, like with Wyler and Marin. Another pair that will join at the same time are Paquia and Mandie. You will find them in Arenside and need to bring Pacquia some eggs in order to recruit them both.

Paquia (and Mandie) can be found in Arenside, after the events at Euchrisse.

Paquia and Mandie Location

After completing the Euchrisse portion of the main story, you will be able to recruit Paquia and Mandie. They are found in Arenside, so you can teleport there once you finish that part of the story, then look for them south of the inn. You will only see Paquia here, so don’t worry about Mandie until the very end, as he will join at the same time. When you speak to Paquia, she mentions something called Eggfoot Racing, but she needs some help in getting it started. To do this, she wants you to bring her five Regular Eggs.

Regular Egg Locations

You might have gotten a Regular Egg or two as a drop and were wondering what they did. They are a part of the Eggfoot Racing minigame and are needed to get more creatures. They basically drop from any of the egg-like creatures in the game, but for this particular recruitment, you need Regular Eggs. There are three enemies in the game that drop these eggs, which are the Eggfoot, Odd Egg, and Shell Egg. Shell Eggs are found in Grum County, but they aren’t all too common, so there’s a lot of downtime in trying to find them and then get the egg to drop.

Eggfoots are more common and found on the world map outside your Headquarters. However, they can drop Promising Eggs, too, which won’t work in recruiting Paquia. Also, there are a lot more enemies, so when you find Eggfoots, you’re only getting 1-2 per battle. Odd Eggs are definitely the best option for farming Regular Eggs, as they are present in pretty much every battle and you will sometimes get a battle with three of them. They are found on the world map outside of Kyshiri Village.

(1 of 3) Head to the world map outside of Kyshiri Village.

So, your best bet is to keep farming the Odd Egg enemies for the Regular Eggs and once you’ve gotten five, bring them back to Paquia. She will join your army, along with Mandie.

Paquia and Mandie Special Ability

Paquia runs the Eggfoot Racing service at your HQ, although you will need to build it before you’re able to partake in the minigame. You will first need to build the Mission Guild, so once you’ve done that, the Eggfoot Racing building will be right after it. This minigame involves getting eggs as drops from enemies, hatching them (this takes in-game time to do), then racing them. Paquia handles all of the racing stuff, while Mandie will do commentary during the races. You can also add Mandie as a character in your Support slot, where he will increase the drop rate of eggs from enemies.

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A spiritual successor to the Suikoden series, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is a classic JRPG that gives you the opportunity to recruit over 100 characters throughout your journey. Nowa, a boy from a small village, travels to the city to become a member of the Watch, only to be suckered into a plot to stop an empire from utilizing Rune-Lenses to expand their power and reach.

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