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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

All Hot Springs Events

Jarrod Garripoli

There are many different aspects of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, but it’s nice to just relax sometimes. That is where the Hot Springs comes into play, as you can have your characters enjoy a nice relaxing dip. You won’t be able to construct the Hot Springs until you reach Impershi’arc, since that is where the character that runs it is found. This page will detail how to unlock the Hot Springs, how to get all of the special events at the Hot Springs, as well as where to find all of the Hot Springs items.

The hot springs doesn’t really do much, except0 give your characters some interaction with one another.

Unlocking the Hot Springs

Thankfully, you don’t have to do a whole lot to unlock the Hot Springs, as you have the node on your blueprints board from the beginning. However, you won’t be able to recruit the NPC to build the structure until you have access to the Impershi’arc. Upon finally reaching that town, head to the inn on the eastern side of the map and you should see someone standing outside of it. This is Cabana and you simply need to speak to him to have him join your army. Note that if he doesn’t, then you might need to level up your HQ first to two. Thankfully, you only need Cabana and some Stone to make the Hot Springs from your drafting studio.

All Hot Springs Items

Once you’ve unlocked the Hot Springs, you can have your party enjoy a nice little dip in it. Upon choosing the option to go in, you also have a choice to use an item. It’s unclear what exactly this item does and you cannot use every single hot springs item from the menu. The Distant Dragon and Distant Flying Saucer are two items that will randomly appear in the background when using the hot springs.

Hot Spring Item Location
Hot Spring Fruit Kyshiri item shop (rare find)
Rubber Duckie Marisa’s Room in Yarnaan
Capybara Army Cabana gives you this at Hot Springs once you build it and talk to him
Distant Dragon Drops from Elder Dragon in The Eldroad
Distant Flying Saucer Found next to large crystal in Eastern Desert
Autumn Leaves Treefolk Village item shop (rare find)
Cherry Petals Clear Floor 26 of Hero’s
Model Shi’arcraft Complete Shi’arcraft Race on Expert

Hot Springs Events List

When you build the Hot Springs, you will see events between characters sometimes. This isn’t random at all, though, as having certain loadouts for your active party can trigger these scenes. Outside of one instance, none of the Hot Springs Items above play a part in these events. For the characters that cannot be placed in your party, it only matters that you have recruited them. Because of this, the best thing to do is wait until you have recruited every single character in the game.

(1 of 3) Build the hot springs after you recruit Cabana.

Number Characters
01 Cabana (look below)
02 Nowa, Garr, Mio, Lian
03 Nowa, Seign, Marisa
04 CJ, Garoo, Isha
05 Nowa, Seign, Maria, CJ, Garoo, Isha
06 Seign, Hildi, Valentin, Pohl
07 Marisa, Wayve, Lilwn, Alwe
08 Marisa, Nil, Leene
09 Perrielle, Janquis, Jorhan
10 Kogen, Yuthus, Zabi
11 Yuferius, Scarlet, Skyd
12 Sabine, Dalton
13 Mio, Hakugin
14 Shixeen, Goldsmid, Dijkstra
15 Riufan, Lam, B’baba
16 Milana, Markus
17 Alwa, Lakian
18 Kurtz, Celia
19 Ormond, Galdorf, Prunella
20 Iugo, Yusuke, Aoi
21 Aleior, Chandra
22 Yume, Faye, Kallathor, Sumire, Allaby
23 Mellore, Marin, Yaelu
24 Garr, Garoo, Foxiel, Squash
25 Valentin, Barnard, Huang, Maxim
26 Gocteau, Douglas, Galladur, Kassius, Goldwyn
27 Marin, Mariette, Yaelu
28 Martha, Prunella
29 Francesca, Falward, Isha
30 Kerrin, Reyna
31 Gigina, Leon, Rody, Rudy
32 Cassandra, Iris, Elektra
33 Wyler, Kuroto
34 Zabi, Nell, Selbineth
35 Pastole, Syd, Clarke
36 Paquia, Aire, Maureus
37 Stadler, Euma, El Alicanto
38 Mellore, Carrie, Gieran, Momo
39 Chandra, Viesskin, Vorrdice
40 Janquis, Ymir, Yulin
41 Nil, Ivy, Mihlu
42 Hiro, Frida, Hogan
43 Caine, Pieter, Rohan
44 Glen, Shixeen, Reid
45 Barnard, Chron, Durlan, Goldwyn
46 Fume, Enoe, Larla
47 Melridge, Quinn, Mandie, Code L, Dr. Corque

The only weird one out of the bunch is Cabana, who requires you to use the Capybara hot springs item in order to get his event. The rest of the events don’t have any requirement, so as long as you have the needed characters in your party (or recruited for those that can’t go in it), you will be fine.

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