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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Trophy and Achievement Roadmap

Shane Williams

There are 48 trophies/achievements to be obtained in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, with 48 Bronze, 5 Silver, 2 Gold, and 1 Platinum. This game is around 40+ hours for a normal playthrough, so this roadmap trophy guide will help you get all the trophies as efficiently as possible.

Nowa is in charge of the alliance.

Step 1 - Complete Story, Minigames, and Recruit All Characters

Acquiring the platinum trophy for Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is relatively simple, but it’s very time consuming. To begin, you’ll want to play through the main story while completing any of the optional activities, such as recruiting all of the characters and completing all of the minigames.

Character Recruitment

You can recruit 120 different characters throughout the story and this can be done by simply speaking with them or completing a specific task for them, such as finding an item or assisting them in a dungeon. If you want to acquire the plat without doing multiple playthroughs, then you’ll need to make sure you recruit everyone before the cutoff point which is during the Storming Castle Harganthia Main Quest, as Marisa will depart and lock you out of some characters. If you would like to know when each character becomes available, then check out our All Recruitable Characters page.


Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes has five minigames, such as Beigoma, Card Battle, Fishing, Cooking Battle, Eggfoot Racing and you need to complete these in order to recruit characters exclusive to them. Beigoma which features a storyline which is easier to complete towards the end of the game, as have access to stronger beigoma.

Cooking Battle features many hidden parameters in order to please the judges, so check out our Cooking Battle Guide to learn about them. You’ll need to challenge many opponents in Card Battle before you can recruit the character, so we recommend unlocking all of the Card Shop upgrades in the headquarters, so you can acquire more cards which makes its easier to beat them. Finally, you’ll need to win a series of Eggfoot Races.

Collection Achievements

Additionally, there are achievements related to collecting all of the various items, such as Runes, Runeshards, Recipes, Cards, and Beigoma and you can find them easily by checking out the pages below:

Step 2 - Complete Hero’s Trial

Once you’ve done all of the side content and completed the main story, you’ll want to start working your way through the Hero’s Trials which can be found in the basement of the HQ once you’ve unlocked the Mysterious Room. This is some of the toughest content in the game and unfortunately you have to complete it if you want the platinum, as there are exclusive enemies needed for the bestiary trophy/achievement and they drop some certain runes. Additionally, you can reach level 99 relatively quickly here, as the enemies give lots of EXP.

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A spiritual successor to the Suikoden series, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is a classic JRPG that gives you the opportunity to recruit over 100 characters throughout your journey. Nowa, a boy from a small village, travels to the city to become a member of the Watch, only to be suckered into a plot to stop an empire from utilizing Rune-Lenses to expand their power and reach.

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