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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

All Rare Shop Items

Jarrod Garripoli

As you go through the game in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, you will undoubtedly visit the shops many times. However, you might not see all of a shop’s offerings, since there are some items that are rare to find in them. These Rare Shop Items are completely random on when they appear, so you might go the entire game without actually seeing one. This page will detail where to find all of the Rare Shop Items, as well as the best method in obtaining them.

Rare shop items are very annoying to find, since it’s completely random.

Best Method to Obtain Rare Shop Items

The shop items are completely random, as mentioned above, so just visiting the shops doesn’t guarantee that you’ll see them. They will have a star next to them in the shop’s list and will always appear at the top, so they will never be hidden in the middle or bottom. One thing you probably didn’t know is that shops will reset their stock every 30 minutes, which extends to trading posts and general stores. However, waiting for this to occur all the time, especially for items that may only have a 10% appearance rate, is not ideal.

The main way you will want to go after the rare shop items is to simply save scum for them. Basically, you save your game at the nearby inn, go to the shop and if you don’t see the rare item show up, you load up that save and try again. This can take a while for some of the items, too, which is why this method is the better of the two. Note that you can just choose the Load option whenever you pause the game, instead of having to go back to the title screen or actually resetting the game entirely.

List of Rare Shop Items

The following table lists all of the rare shop items in the game, along with where you can purchase it, as well as the percentage chance in which it appears.

(1 of 2) Some shops will have more than one rare item to find.

Some shops will have more than one rare item to find. (left), Treefolk Village, for example, has a total of three different items. (right)

Item Location Chance
Herb Chicken Recipe Arenside (General Store) 10%
Tlayuda Recipe Altverden Village (Tool Shop) 10%
Fruit Parfait Recipe Treefolk Village (General Store) 10%
Cinderella Script Treefolk Village (General Store) 20%
Autumn Leaves (Hot Spring) Treefolk Village (General Store) 5%
Mee Siam Recipe Daphan Village (General Store) 10%
Cold Pasta Recipe Dabavin (General Store) 10%
Jelly Beans Recipe Impershi’arc (General Store) 5%
The Star-Cross’d Lovers Script Ardinale City (General Store) 30%
Crown of Guile Yarnaan (General Store) 20%
Forest Musicians Script Yarnaan (General Store) 10%
Steamed Bread Recipe Athrabalt (Tool Shop) 10%
Colorful Macarons Recipe Twinhorne West (Tool Shop) 10%
Bang Bang Ji Recipe Skriss Village (General Store) 10%
Pineapple Pork Recipe Werne Village (General Store) 10%
Hot Spring Fruit Kyshiri Village (General Store) 10%
Cherry Pie Recipe Eltisweiss (Tool Shop) 10%
Rising Script Eltisweiss (Tool Shop) 10%
Holy Vestments Eltisweiss (Armor Shop) 10%
Rune of Brilliance Eltisweiss (Rune Shop) 10%

A few noteworthy things include losing access to Yarnaan at some point, but you’ll regain access during the final story bits. So, you either try for the items when you first gain access to Yarnaan, or wait until after you get to go back. For the items in Eltisweiss, you don’t have a choice, as you need to wait until you have liberated Eltisweiss near the end of the main story.

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