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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Mellore Recruitment Guide

Jarrod Garripoli

There are many characters to recruit in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, some of which are easy and some that require you to do something more. One of those characters is Mellore, whom you might remember from Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, the companion game that was released prior to this one. In order to recruit Mellore, you first need to run into her Eltisweiss, then clear the Redthroat Ridge dungeon. Once you defeat the boss at the end, Mellore will permanently join your party.

You can run into Mellore once you reach Eltisweiss.

Recruiting Mellore

After the prologue, where you finish the North Runebarrows dungeon, you will end up in Eltisweiss. Your first goal here is to find some more recruits for your party, so you need to roam about to find them. For Mellore, you will first run into her in Eltisweiss, not too far from the main exit of the town. Go to the exit on the southern end of the town, then head towards the stairs just north of it to trigger a scene with Mellore.

She will ask you for some directions to Redthroat Ridge, but Nowa questions about a child going to that dangerous place, so he plans on following her. As you exit the town, you will see another scene, then you can head to the world map. Redthroat Ridge is located on the eastern end of the area, so it’s not exactly all too difficult to find. Once you’ve made it, go inside and you’ll meet up with Mellore again. This time, she will join your party as a guest. You will be able to control her actions in battle, but you cannot change any of her equipment.

(1 of 2) Go to the southern side of Eltisweiss to trigger the event with Mellore.

Go to the southern side of Eltisweiss to trigger the event with Mellore. (left), Redthroat Ridge is found on the eastern end of the area just outside Eltisweiss. (right)

The dungeon is fairly linear, with a few dead ends that give you treasure chests, so it’s worth it to check them. Once you make it to the end, you will have to fight a boss.

Nerthus Boss Guide

Nerthus can be a little bit of a challenging boss, depending on how many characters you have in your party. If you went straight for Mellore out of the gate, without getting anyone else, then you might be lacking in some damage. Thankfully, the gimmick for this boss will help with that some, if you can manage to get it working for you. At the beginning of the fight, you will see two Magical Pretty Grimoires, one to your left and another to your right. At the beginning of each round, the boss will be hiding underneath the sand, with it popping up to the left or right whenever you input all of your actions.

The gimmick is that you’ll need to have a character interact with one of the Grimoires, which will summon a magical hammer. If it’s on the same side as the boss, then it will hit the creature for some big damage. If it isn’t on the same side, then the hammer will miss. It seems to be completely random as to which side the boss will appear on, so you just have to hope it’s the one you pick, although it might alternate between the two sides sometimes. The damage from the hammer is significant enough that you want to connect with it often.

(1 of 5) Nerthus will retreat into the ground at the end of every round.

Note that Nerthus can sometimes attack twice in a round, but this seems to be a bit random, as it doesn’t always do it. As for those attacks, there are claw swipes that hit a single character, as well as a rock throw. At some point during the battle, likely a HP threshold, there will be a short scene of horn on Nerthus’ head getting slightly bigger. This doesn’t seem to do anything, though, other than have the boss use his Earthquake attack that hits your entire party.

Keep doing what you’re doing, and you’ll eventually bring down the boss. Upon doing so, you’ll receive a Rune of Earth, as well as have Mellore permanently join your party.

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