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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

All Beigoma Locations

Jarrod Garripoli

There are numerous minigames to be found in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, one of which is called Beigoma. This minigame involves using spinning tops to duel against other NPCs. If you wish to know how to unlock the minigame, check out the Beigoma Battles Explained page. In order to get more Beigoma, though, you will need to venture out and find them on your own, since your starter kit is pretty weak. A good number of the Beigoma you can find are dropped by enemies, although some will be given to you as you go through the Beigoma Scenario. There are a total of 60 Beigoma in the game and collecting them all will net you the Beigoma Collector Trophy/Achievement.

The Beigoma Box under your key items will keep track of the ones you’ve found.

Unlocking New Beigoma

As briefly mentioned above, once you unlock the minigame, you will want to wait before challenging the Beigoma players around the world. That’s because your starter kit is pretty weak and you’ll be lucky to win a match with them. Getting new Beigoma isn’t too challenging, as a good number of them are dropped from enemies. If you’re having trouble getting them to drop, make sure you have the Lucky Charm/Super Lucky Charm equipped, as this increases the drop rates. Remember that enemies won’t start dropping them until you’ve unlocked the minigame.

Enemy Dropped Beigomas

Here is a list of all of the Beigoma dropped by enemies in the game. Note that you can get the other starting Beigoma as drops from specific enemies. The Wind Beigoma is dropped by the Sky Sahagin, the Water Beigoma dropped by the Shell Octopus, and the Fire Beigoma is dropped by the Flame Gel. All other Beigoma are named after the enemy that drops them.

(1 of 2) Your starter kit is pretty weak, so you’ll want to hunt down stronger Beigomas before you begin doing matches.

Your starter kit is pretty weak, so you’ll want to hunt down stronger Beigomas before you begin doing matches. (left), Certain enemies will drop their respective Beigoma upon defeating them in battles. (right)

Enemy Location
Lizard Grum County
Plantvine Grum County North
Rabbit Knight Grum County North
Huge Mite Northern Forest
Angry Bat Abandoned Mine
Rabbit Mage Abandoned Mine
Titan Slug Abandoned Mine
Hraesvelgr Redthroat Ridge
Wild Boar Redthroat Ridge
Cockatrice (Hatchling) Mountain Path Homeward
Wyvern Around HQ (World Map)
Bear Rider The Greatwood
Hellhound The Greatwood
Killer Fungus The Greatwood
Sky Sahagin (Wind Beigoma) The Greatwood
Pawn Demon Proving Grounds (By Kallathor switch)
Cactus Predator Euchrisse
Sahagin Euchrisse
Shell Octopus (Water Beigoma) Seaside Cavern
Remora Hishahn Old Town
Sea Ghost Hishahn Old Town
Desert Serval Shandar Ridge
Flame Gel (Fire Beigoma) Eastern Desert
Desert Crab The Den of the Dunes
Gigas The Den of the Dunes
Scorpion Assassin The Den of the Dunes
Sandfish Great Sandy Sea
Cockatrice (Adult) The Eldroad
Dragon Viper The Eldroad
Tyrant Tortoise The Eldroad
Seed Conqueror Dappled Forest (third area)
Carbuncle Norristar
Grimeoid Norristar
Snow Boxer Snowpeak Pass
Assault Tiger Snowpeak Pass
Balor Castle Harganthia
Corpse Rider Athrabalt/Castle Harganthia
Hellflower Castle Harganthia
Petit Gargoyle Castle Harganthia
Soul Reaper Castle Harganthia
Xibalba Castle Harganthia
Azhdahag Chelonian Goliath, Vilashnu
Earth Dragon Chelonian Goliath, Vilashnu
Nidhoggr Chelonian Goliath, Vilashnu
Arch Demon Gardhaven Castle

Beigoma Scenario Drops

In addition to all of the Beigoma you can get from enemies, there are more that you will receive from the NPCs you battle with as part of the Beigoma Scenario.

Beigoma NPC Location
Dragon Fang Taq Altverden Village
Gigas Fist Fender Kyshiri Village
Cheetalita Celera Werne Village
Snakebite Venom Daphan Village
Earthsmack Thudd Hishahn
Trinity Cyclone Zeph Impershi’arc
Azure Dragon Flowe Arenside
Galactic Flame Pyre Treefolk Village
Devil of Destruction Crash Ardinale City

(1 of 2) You’ll do battle with specific NPCs as you go through the Beigoma Scenario.

You’ll do battle with specific NPCs as you go through the Beigoma Scenario. (left), After defeating them, you will usually receive their Beigoma. (right)

Other Beigomas

The two Practice Beigoma you receive as your starter kit will count towards the 60 you need for the Trophy/Achievement. Outside of all the ones listed above, there will be four more Beigoma that are a little harder to track down. If you remember speaking to Dr. Corque and seeing a Mythic Tablet option, there were seven spots on it. Six of these are special Beigoma that are yellow in color, all of which drop from enemies. Collect these, then inspect the tablet one more time to unlock the Mythic Dragon Beigoma.

Beigoma Location
Mythic Dragon Collect Arch Demon, Corpse Rider, Nidhoggr, Pawn Demon, Seed Conqueror, and Soul Reaper, then inspect the Mythic Tablet
Neo Absolute Zero Defeat Reid after completing Beigoma Scenario (found at HQ)
Infinity Force Defeat Dr. Corque after Beigoma Scenario (found at Gardhaven Castle - Secret Path)
Fenrir Defeat Beigoma Sage after Beigoma Scenario (found in Eltisweiss)

After clearing the main Beigoma Scenario, you will be able to challenge some characters to another match. Reid is found at your Headquarters, Dr. Corque can be found in Gardhaven Castle (the Secret Path), and the Beigoma Sage is found in Eltisweiss. Defeat each of these characters at these locations to unlock the final three Beigoma.

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