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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Upgrading Stowpack Inventory

Shane Williams

There is an abundance of items to collect in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes and you’ll have very little storage capacity until you’ve recruited Nell and purchased the Stowpack inventory upgrades. On this page, we’ll provide you with the necessary steps to building the Stowpack shop.

Recruiting Nell will allow you to build the Stowpack shop

Recruit Nell

You won’t be able to start thinking about Stowpack inventory upgrades until you’ve recruited Nell and this can be done by visiting the capital of Euchrisse. Head over to the stall in the top left and speak with the bag. Unfortunately, recruiting Nell won’t make any difference to your inventory situation as you’ll need to purchase the “Build Stowpack Shop” Blueprint back at the HQ, but if you’re desperate for extra storage capacity now, then you can place Nell in the support slot and he’ll provide you with 20 extra slots.

Stowpack Capacity Level Blueprints

There are three Stowpack Capacity Blueprints that you can purchase at your HQ, with each one increasing how much you can hold in both your Stowpack and Resource bag. The table below details what materials and at what HQ rank you need to build them:

Stowpack Capacity HQ Level Materials
1 2 Pelt x40
2 3 Pelt x240
3 4 Pelt x800, Ancient Dragon’s Tooth x6

Reach HQ Level 2

The Build Stowpack Shop Blueprint won’t be available until you’ve upgraded your HQ to level 2 and this will require you to have 26 Allies which you should have at this stage of the game from story progression and revisiting towns. You can check out our All Recruitable Characters page to see if you’re missing anyone. Food x100 can be obtained by purchasing the “Establish Pasturage” Blueprint, but this will require recruiting Martha who can be found on the eastern side of the HQ (in the town, not the castle).

Alternatively, you can farm the food yourself in Bounty Hill but this way can take longer as you may need to make multiple trips or wait for gathering points to respawn (around five minutes). Finally, you’ll need 6,400 Headquarters Funds and this will build up naturally on its own while you’re busy doing other things, such as playing through the story and recruiting characters. Once your HQ has reached Rank 2, you’ll need to acquire the following blueprints: Hero’s Den, Trading House, House Renovation, and the Rune Shop.

(1 of 2) Stowpack Capacity Level 1 will require x50 Pelt

Stowpack Capacity Level 1 will require x50 Pelt (left), and level 2 will require x240 Pelt. (right)

Before you can build the Rune Shop you’ll need to recruit Code L who can be found in Daphan Village (Euchrisse), but you’ll need to bring him the Rune of Currents which is dropped from the boss in the Hishan Old Town Dungeon. You’ll now need x40 Pelt which can be gathered in Bounty Hill and then you can build the Stowpack shop. This will allow you to purchase the Stowpack Capacity Level 1 node to increase your inventory.

Stowpack Capacity Level 2 & 3

The Stowpack Capacity Level 2 which requires x240 Pelt will increase your stowpack to 60 and resource bag capacity to 45 and will become available once your HQ has reached rank 3. Stowpack Capacity Level 3 will become available once the HQ has reached rank 4 and will cost x800 Pelt and x6 Anc. Dragon’s Tooth. This will increase your stowpack to 70 and resource bag capacity to 55.

Anc. Dragon’s Tooth Locations

If you want to get your hands on Anc. Dragon’s Tooth then you’ll need to rank up the castle to the highest rank (4) and unlock the mission guild, then you’ll want to dispatch a team with at least an A rank into Mission Task 4 for a higher chance of getting them as a reward.

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