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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

The Missing Hunter Walkthrough - Mender's Cave - Avatar

Scott Peers

The Missing Hunter is a main quest in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora that begins in Hometree, immediately after Eywa’s Blessing. The main task is for you to find Eetu, the missing hunter, who has gone missing somewhere north of The High Loom camp, which itself is north of Hometree, or to the east of the Tangled Lake. As you explore the area north of the camp, you’ll encounter some RDA fighters, and you’ll need to investigate a small cave to learn more about what happened to Eetu. On this page, we’ll show you how to link all the clues in Mender’s Cave, where to find Eetu and his Ikran (Zomey), and how to open the Dragon Ship door.

You need to speak with Vefilu at The High Loom camp to learn more about where the missing hunter (Eetu) might be.

Find The High Loom Camp

The High Loom camp is built around a large tree just to the northeast of Hometree. It’s difficult to miss if you head that way, but you can keep checking that you’re on the right path by using your Na’vi sense. If you have the quest tracked as your main priority, you’ll be able to see the teal marker in the distance, which indicates the location of the camp. When you get there, you’ll find several NPCs who you can speak with to start new side quests, but you should leave these for now if you want to complete this main quest first.

(1 of 2) The location of The High Loom camp, northeast of Hometree, and the quest marker for Mender’s Cave.

The location of The High Loom camp, northeast of Hometree, and the quest marker for Mender’s Cave. (left), The High Loom camp is built around a large tree to the north of Hometree. (right)

When you’re ready to proceed with the quest, go up to the highest point of the tree that forms The High Loom camp and speak with the Na’vi named Vefilu. She’ll tell you a bit about when and where she last saw Eetu, at the end of a brief battle with some RDA fighters. You’ll also discover that Eetu isn’t the only one missing; his Ikran, named Zomey, hasn’t returned either.

Where to Find Eetu and Zomey

After speaking with Vefilu, you’ll know that the first place to look for Eetu and Zomey is at their hideout (aka Mender’s Cave), located somewhere at the bottom of the hill to the north of The High Loom camp. The path down is relatively easy, but you’ll need to use the large leaves to break your fall. If you drop from the edge of the cliff without doing this, you can die due to fall damage.

Explore Mender’s Cave

The hideout that Vefilu is referring to is called Mender’s Cave, and as you approach it, you’ll notice some RDA fighters, one of which is in a mech suit. These shouldn’t be too difficult for you to deal with, especially if you maintain the high ground as you rain down fire on them using your bow or rifle. Once you’ve killed them all, go to the cave entrance to the northeast, where you’ll find a couple of baskets with some supplies and a rifle outside.

(1 of 2) You need to kill the RDA fighters surrounding Mender’s Cave.

You need to kill the RDA fighters surrounding Mender’s Cave. (left), Enter Mender’s Cave to find and link the clues to Eetu’s whereabouts. (right)

How to Link the Clues at Mender’s Cave

Once you’re inside Mender’s Cave, you’ll find six clues that you need to link together in pairs before you can learn more about what happened in the cave. The correct combination for each pair of clues is as follows:

  • Link the Dead RDA Soldiers with the broken Na’vi bow

  • Link the Discarded Food with Eetu’s Headpiece

  • Link the Broken Ikran Harness with the Scratch Marks

You can find the Dead RDA Soldiers just to the right as you enter the cave, while the broken Na’vi bow can be found to their left, just to the right of the Discarded Food, which itself can be found to your left as you enter the cave. Next, link the Discarded Food with Eetu’s Headpiece, which can be found in the far northeast part of the cave. Finally, link the Broken Ikran Harness, found to the right of the broken Na’vi bow, with the Scratch Marks that can be found to the left of Eetu’s Headpiece, going up the wall.

(1 of 6) You’ll find the Dead RDA Soldiers to your right as you enter Mender’s Cave.

Track the Wounded Ikran

With all the clues linked correctly, the quest objective will update as you’re tasked with finding the wounded Ikran (Zomey), and you’ll need to climb the wall where you found the scratch marks to begin the search. Keep going to the back of the cave until you reach an exit, at which point you’ll hear some gunfire from RDA units fighting nearby. Use your Na’vi sense to highlight the scent, then follow it to the northwest.

As you continue to follow the scent as it bends north, you’ll be ambushed by a group of Viperwolf enemies. You should only need to kill a couple of them before the others flee, but if things get sticky, you can look for higher ground nearby to escape their jaws. The scent will be lost after fighting the wolves, but you can continue to head northwest until you find Zomey flying nearby, fighting the RDA “metal birds”, as the Na’vi like to call them.

Defend Zomey from the RDA at the Crash Site

At this point the quest objective will update, and you’ll need to defend Zomey from the RDA fighters. You can see Zomey’s health bar in the top left of the screen, which you’ll need to keep an eye on if you want to keep her alive. There are quite a few RDA to deal with here, including four of them in mech suits, so you should avoid running in to the middle of the crash site where you can easily get ganked by them. Instead, keep to the thick foliage in the direction from which you arrived. This should provide you with plenty of cover as you reload or craft more arrows.

(1 of 3) Use the nearby foliage and tree trunks to take cover from the RDA.

If you don’t have any ammo for your rifle at the beginning of the fight, don’t worry. You should be able to take out the mech suits easily enough with your bow, but it’ll be a bit riskier, and you’ll need to take cover more often. After you’ve killed most of the RDA on foot, you can loot their bodies for rifle ammo, which you can then use to shoot down the helicopters that arrive with reinforcements. Once you’ve destroyed two or three of these, there should be no more.

Check on Zomey and Free Eetu from the Crash Site

Now that you’ve killed all the RDA at the crash site, you can check on Zomey, who can be found just outside the crashed dragon ship in which Eetu is currently trapped. She’ll fly off as you approach, and you’ll have a chance to interact with the door of the dragon ship. Unfortunately, the door is locked shut, so you’ll need to open it using your SID. Take out your SID and point it at the dragon ship to reveal the path of its internal wiring. You can use this to interact with each piece.

How to Open the Dragon Ship Door

The first thing you should do here is attempt to open the door using the manual lever, which is just to its right. This will prompt some dialogue indicating that the door can’t function because there’s no power. You’ll need to get on top of the dragon ship and use your SID to interact with the power hub there. However, Zomey is overly protective of Eetu, so you’ll need to soothe her first, which can be done easily by interacting with her and then slowly walking forward.

Once Zomey is out of the way, interact with the power cables to reconnect them (use your Na’vi sense to highlight where these are if necessary), then use your SID to repair the power hub, which is located roughly in the middle of the cable network. With the power back on, you can interact with the door to get inside the dragon ship, at which point you can finally speak with Eetu. It won’t be long before a fire breaks out inside the ship, and you’ll need to interact with another power hub to hack it before you can escape.

(1 of 3) You need to soothe Zomey on top of the dragon ship before you can reattach the power cables.

Help Eetu Find Zomey

After solving the simple puzzle using your SID on the power hub, another scene will play at the end of which you’ll find yourself outside with Eetu. The quest isn’t over just yet, though, and the final objective is to help Eetu find Zomey. You’ll start by following Eetu a short way, but since he’s injured, he can’t go too far. You need to continue yourself by using your Na’vi sense to highlight Zomey’s scent on the air, then follow it to her. She can be found at the top of a rock surface to the southwest, so just head that way while using your Na’vi sense and you should find her easily.

When you finally reach Zomey a cutscene will play, and as Eetu catches up you realize that Zomey isn’t going to make it. All you can do after the scene is leave Eetu to grieve the loss of his beloved Ikran. Once you’re far enough away from the scene, the quest will end.

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