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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

A Meal and a Memory Walkthrough - Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

Scott Peers

The A Meal and a Memory side quest in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora can be acquired from an NPC named Sa’nop, who can be found at The High Loom camp in Kinglor Forest. The quest requires you to find two ingredients: a Crimson Mushroom and a Shell Fruit, but only in their Superior or Exquisite form. This makes the quest more difficult than it might otherwise be, especially because these variants are much rarer than their Fine counterparts. On this page, we’ll show you where to look for both ingredients so that you can craft Sa’nop’s special dish (aka a Mushroom & Fruit Salad).

Sa’nop is an older Na’vi who has memories of your mother.

Speak with Sa’nop at High Loom Camp

To begin this quest, you first need to speak with Sa’nop at High Loom Camp. As mentioned above, this camp is within the Kinglor Forest, but more specifically you’ll find it just to the northeast of Hometree, as shown in the screenshot below. Sa’nop is found just outside the cooking station at the bottom of the camp. He’s an older-looking Na’vi, which distinguishes him from the others. Turns out he knew your parents, too!

(1 of 2) The location of High Loom Camp, just northeast of Hometree.

The location of High Loom Camp, just northeast of Hometree. (left), Look for Sa’nop at the base of High Loom Camp. (right)

Where to Find Superior and Exquisite Crimson Mushrooms

Once you’ve spoken with Sa’nop, you’ll know that you need to find Superior or Exquisite variants of both Crimson Mushrooms and Shell Fruit. We’ll begin with the mushrooms, which can be found throughout Kinglor Forest on large roots and great vines. However, for the variants that you need, you must search specifically in the Swamp Lowlands biomes. These are generally much smaller than other biomes, but there are a few not far from High Loom Camp.

When you open the map, look directly to the northwest and northeast of High Loom Camp. If you toggle the visual for biomes from the bottom left of the map, you’ll see that there are Swamp Lowlands biomes in both directions. You’ll have a good chance of finding Superior or Exquisite Crimson Mushrooms in both of these areas.

One of the best places for finding Crimson Mushrooms in the swamp biome is on tree trunks and roots that extend into rivers. Try to follow the river and look for these trunks/roots, using your Na’vi sense to highlight the mushrooms. If you inspect the mushrooms while using Na’vi sense, you can check whether they’re Superior or Exquisite variants by looking at the color in the bottom left of the icon. It’ll be purple if it’s Superior, or yellow if it’s Exquisite.

(1 of 2) Look for Swamp Lowlands biomes to the northwest and northeast of Hometree.

Look for Swamp Lowlands biomes to the northwest and northeast of Hometree. (left), You can highlight and inspect Crimson Mushrooms using your Na’vi sense. (right)

As you come to harvest the Crimson Mushroom, you need to push forward with your mouse or controller to do so successfully. It doesn’t matter if you don’t harvest it in optimal weather conditions since it’ll retain the status of Superior or Exquisite regardless. If you want to learn more about the differences between qualities and rarities in materials, be sure to check our Material Rarities and Qualities Explained page.

Where to Find Superior and Exquisite Shell Fruit

Now all you need is a Superior or Exquisite Shell Fruit. The same principles for making your life easier apply here in terms of looking for the Shell Fruit entry in your Hunter’s Guide, pinning it, and then visiting the locations where you’re more likely to find its better-quality variants.

For the Shell Fruit, you’ll need to travel to a Thorny Wilds biome. These are generally more hostile than most other biomes in Kinglor Forest, especially because they’re home to more aggressive creatures. In addition, you’ll need to travel further afield to locate a Thorny Wilds biome, which is highlighted in purple when you check for biome locations on the map.

There are three main areas for Thorny Wilds biomes in Kinglor Forest. If you’re starting at Hometree, one can be found to the northeast, one to the northwest, and one almost directly to the west, as shown on the screenshot below. The closest one is to the west, so you might as well head there.

Once you’re in a Thorny Wilds biome, the next thing you should do is look for the tallest trees that you can see. It’s on these trees that Shell Fruit usually grows, but it can be difficult to spot on foot. For this reason, you might find it easier if you fly around the trees on your Ikran mount, but if you don’t have one yet it’s not necessary. Instead, you can try to climb the large trunks while avoiding the spikey flora that sometimes plague them, using your Na’vi sense to spot a Shell Fruit when it’s highlighted in yellow (so long as you’ve pinned it!).

(1 of 3) Use your Na’vi sense to highlight and inspect Shell Fruit on the tallest trees in Thorny Wilds biomes.

When you find a Shell Fruit, you first need to smash it open before you can harvest it. The fruit will then be revealed, and you can pull backward to harvest it successfully. As with the Crimson Mushroom, you don’t need to worry about harvesting it in optimal weather conditions.

Cook Sa’nop’s Special Dish

Now that you have both a Crimson Mushroom and a Shell Fruit in their Superior or Exquisite variants, you can return to Sa’nop at the High Loom Camp and use the cooking station there to craft his special dish. This will turn into a Superior or Exquisite Mushroom & Fruit Salad, depending on the rarity that you found, and once you consume it a brief scene will play out during which your character experiences a suppressed memory of their mother. After this, you can speak with Sa’nop again to complete the quest.

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