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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Deadly Hunt Walkthrough - Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Jarrod Garripoli

You will run into many side quests in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, some of which will pit you against some strong enemies. One early side quest you can get is called Deadly Hunt, a quest that asks you to investigate a Stormglider that has fallen in the forest. This sparks some more stuff that eventually leads to a fight with a Feral Thanator, which is quite strong. This page will detail how to pair the clues at the Stormglider site, as well as how to find Hunter Bravo.

A Na’vi at one of the camps will have this quest for you.

Where to Start Deadly Hunt - Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

You will be able to log this quest relatively early in your adventure, after you start The Missing Hunter main quest. Simply go to either Weaver’s Flourish or The High Loom, both Na’vi camps that are pretty close to the Hometree. You will see a hunter at one of them, who will give you this quest (the NPC can appear at various camps, with these two confirmed). They mention that the Stormglider came down in Stoneblade Ridge, over the waterfalls and into the Thorny Wilds, east of the Bough River.

If you have your game set to Guided and the quest set to active, you will see a marker set just east of the Deeper Connection Ancestor Skill, the Tarsyu that’s just north of the level 20 base. Luckily, the downed Stormglider is pretty much right where the quest marker will be found. You will now need to link together some clues found in the area, so it’s time for an investigation.

Deadly Hunter Quest Investigation

You’ve done a few of these already, but if you forgot, you need to find some clues and then link them together. There are a total of six clues here, so use your Na’vi Sense to find them all, which will be highlighted in a light blue color. In order to continue the quest, link the clues as follows:

  • Claw Marks and Dead RDA Soldier
  • Dead Stormglider and Fuselage Piece
  • Footprints and Fresh Blood

(1 of 6) The Stormglider clue is pretty big and hard to miss.

None of the clues should be really difficult to find, although the Footprints are kind of small and easier to miss, but there’s a trail of them. Upon linking all of the clues, you will get a scent to follow, which will take you to a second RDA soldier. There will be a recording next to this second soldier, so play it (no need to use your hacking device) to learn about a super-dangerous feral Thanator, named Hunter Bravo. As your fellow companion mentions over the radio, you’ll want to be prepared before you go tracking down Hunter Bravo, as it’s quite tough.

Where to Find Hunter Bravo in Avatar

Tracking down Hunter Bravo can be quite annoying, as you only have the clue that it’s northeast of Laser Ore Processor Alpha, the level 20 base. You may run into other Feral Thanators in the area, but those aren’t your target. By the way, you don’t have to worry about Hunter Bravo jumping like the normal Thanators do, as there is a little scene before it will appear. Its den will be north of the Kinglor Nesting Tree in the area, kind of on the edge of the polluted area, so you can just follow that from there to find the spot.

Upon discovering the den, there will be bodies of some other wildlife there, and inspecting one of them will trigger a short cutscene. Hunter Bravo will appear at the top of the rock formation and the battle will start soon after that. There will be a brief period where you can get a shot or two on it before it starts coming after you, so use that to your advantage. The reason you want this battle to end quickly is that Hunter Bravo hurts a lot. Having a strong weapon is ideal here, to do just that, so if you get this quest early, it might be better to wait for a stronger weapon.

(1 of 7) Follow the scent after linking together all of the clues.

Upon killing Hunter Bravo, you will notice that there is a strange signal coming from its belly. Equip your SID and use it on the belly to get some kind of access code. That will wrap up things for this quest, though, with your reward being x6 Spare Parts. If you loot the Thanator, you will also receive the Half-Digested Strap, a superior chest guard mod. Lastly, the Feral Hunter side quest will be triggered here, which will task you with finding some more special Thanators.

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