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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Trophy and Achievement Roadmap - Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Jarrod Garripoli

If you have played any other Ubisoft open world game, then you should be familiar with the progression of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. The majority of the game takes place across three main regions, with each of them unlocking during the course of the main story. Overall, the game shouldn’t be too difficult and absolutely nothing is missable, in terms of trophies and achievements. There are no trophies/achievements tied to difficulties, so you can play on the easiest one in the settings. However, the game is fairly lengthy and you’re probably looking at around 50 or so hours of playtime, depending on if you watch all of the cutscenes on your first playthrough or not.

Most of the trophies and achievements will come naturally as you play the game.

Step 1 - Play the main story

As nothing is missable in terms of trophies/achievements, you don’t have to worry too much about just playing through the main story. However, to make things easier on yourself, you likely want to keep track of certain things while exploring the game’s world. One way of doing this is using your Na’vi Sense to scan certain wildlife and flora, as you need the entries for 20 of the former and 30 of the latter. There are plenty more than that, so just keep up on them to make things simpler for you in the long run.

Additionally, you will want to work on the collectibles while going through the story. This isn’t fully needed, as you can get all of them after finishing the story, but it does save you time. Of particular note are the Audio Logs and Notes, as you need to collect 30 of each of them. There are more than 30 of them, too, so you won’t need to get all of them. You can work on those while exploring the game’s world, as they can be found at the RDA outposts/bases, as well as the Resistance Field Labs.

One of the major things that you need to worry about in this game is your Combat Level. While there are no trophies/achievements associated with it, you will need to remember your level is tied to your equipment. So, if you never bother to craft/upgrade your gear, your Combat Level will not increase. Skills purchased from the various skill trees do help with your level a little bit, but equipment is more important. The maximum level is 20, so always make sure to keep on top of it, either from crafting or by looting/purchasing gear.

Step 2 - Collectibles

So, you’ve likely finished the main story and still have plenty of world to explore, assuming you didn’t do it all prior to completing the campaign. One of the biggest challenges in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is obtaining all of the game’s collectibles. There are a total of at least 14 different collectibles in the game, although you don’t need to get every one of them. In fact, there are a few you don’t need to bother with at all, which are the Memory Paintings and Ikran Gear Baskets. The rest, however, all have related trophies/achievements.

(1 of 2) There are a good number of collectibles to find throughout the game,

There are a good number of collectibles to find throughout the game, (left), although some of them don’t require you to get all of them. (right)

It should be noted that the various collectibles, as you uncover the map, will be marked with a pink marker. This is to show you that something is there, but you won’t know the exact thing until you go to that location yourself.

Collectible Amount Needed Notes
Bladewing Moths 11 Across all three regions
Sarentu Totems 12 Across all three regions
Recon Retrievals 9 Called Data Collectors in-game; Across all three regions
Treasure Hunt Comics 11 Across all three regions; Go to Computer Terminals to get Finding Home quest, then visit location pictured to find comic
Aeolian Wind Flutes 17 Only in Upper Plains; Four are story related
Windswept Kites 9 Only in Upper Plains
Windswept Dolls 9 Only in Upper Plains
Mycelium Network Activities 10 Only 9 on map in Clouded Forest; Will respawn after 24 hours real time
Tarsyu Flowers 3 There are 12 of these, which unlock Ancestor Skills
Bellsprig 20 Over 100+ of these; They increase your max health, as well as refill stamina/health packs
Tarsyu Saplings 20 Gives Skill Points; Around 50 or so in the game
Notes 30 Around 45 or so in the game
Audio Logs 30 At least 38 in the game

Step 3 - Side Quests

You will undoubtedly unlock a number of side quests throughout the game, but they aren’t terribly important in terms of trophies/achievements. Only two categories of side quests are actually important, which are the Steady Wings side quests and the Community Contributions ones. Once you’re finished with the Kinglor Forest region, you can just head back to Hometree and go to the top, where you’ll find Etuwa and this series of side quests. There are three in total and you need to guide a Kinglor Queen to a nesting tree. The only difficulty comes from not being able to run or going across water, but the quests are pretty simple.

(1 of 2) Be on the lookout for these baskets at all of the Na’vi Camps.

Be on the lookout for these baskets at all of the Na’vi Camps. (left), They will usually ask you to find various materials in the game’s world. (right)

The other set of quests will be longer, and they span across all three regions. Each region has an associated Clan living there, as well as a number of Na’vi Camps. The majority of these camps will have a basket that allows you to contribute items from your inventory, with you being able to give just about anything. However, each camp will ask for a specific item, usually from that region but sometimes it will be from another region. These typically involve simple items, like the various materials, but might also include recipes or equipment.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do every single basket, as you just need to finish the related quests. There will be three parts to each region, with the first two regions requiring 15 baskets and the third region requiring 12 baskets. After completing the third part of each of them, return to the person who initially gave you the quest to finish it for good and contribute to the trophy/achievement.

Step 4 - RDA Outposts and Cleaning Up

The final step here will be to focus on the Reclaim Pandora trophy/achievement, which asks you to reach an air quality level of 100%. Basically, you need to clear all of the RDA Installations, Outposts and Bases to do this. Some of these are part of the main story, like the one Base in Upper Plains, but most are completely optional. The Installations are easy enough, as they consist of a few minor objectives and only contain like 7-8 enemies. The Outposts are bigger and have more objectives and enemies, so they are more involved. The only non-story Base is the level 20 one in the Kinglor Forest and while it’s like a side quest on its own, it’s not too challenging if you are close in level.

(1 of 2) There are numerous RDA outposts and installations that you can clear in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

There are numerous RDA outposts and installations that you can clear in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. (left), You will have to fight through a large number of enemies in these RDA facilities. (right)

The majority of the trophies and achievements are related to something you have to do in the game, with there being not too many miscellaneous ones. There is one for defeating a non-feral Thanator, which are one of the strongest enemies in the game (level 20). You also have the two related to unlocking the Hunter’s Guide entries for gatherable wildlife/plants, but doing a lot of exploring and scanning will unlock that with ease. There’s also one for unlocking an Apex Skill (purchase all skills in a tree, then do the associated quest), purchasing three skills in each tree, and unlocking three specialty dishes.

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