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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Radar Mushroom Locations - Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Jarrod Garripoli

You will sometimes run across a material or resource in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora that is confusing, as you might have no idea how to harvest/gather it. That holds true for the Radar Mushroom, a relatively common cooking ingredient in the Clouded Forest. The Hunter’s Guide gives you a hint, but it’s not exactly clear what you have to do to get the ingredient. This page will focus on where to find Radar Mushrooms, how to harvest them, and where to get the Superior and Exquisite Radar Mushrooms.

The Radar Mushroom is another resource that is confusing on how to harvest it.

Where to Find Radar Mushrooms in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

The Radar Mushroom is a cooking ingredient that can mostly be found in the Scarlet Thicket biomes of the Clouded Forest. You are looking for a larger mushroom that will have three smaller mushrooms nearby it. All of these will say they are Radar Mushrooms upon scanning them, but the main one will be the larger one. They are pretty common, though, so finding one won’t be too difficult. However, upon inspecting the larger mushroom much closer, you will notice that you cannot get anything from it.

How to Harvest Radar Mushrooms in Avatar

As you already know from above, the main mushroom is the larger one, but you aren’t able to get anything from it. That’s because you have to do something special to open up the mushroom and harvest the actual ingredient. Thankfully, this method is rather simple and involves just striking the smaller mushrooms near the main one. There are three smaller mushrooms and you can either shoot them with a weapon or simply melee them.

Doing this will make the smaller mushrooms break open, releasing their spores and opening a tier on the larger mushroom. You might want to be a little extra careful here, though, as doing the smaller ones too quickly might cause the main mushroom to lag behind or worse, not fully open all the way. Once you’ve opened all three smaller mushrooms, you will open up the lowest tier on the larger one and be able to harvest the Radar Mushroom ingredient.

(1 of 4) The bigger mushroom is the one you will be harvesting, but it's closed upon first inspection.

What is Radar Mushroom Used for in Avatar?

The Radar Mushroom is a cooking ingredient, so it is primarily used to make dishes that you can eat to heal and replenish your energy. If you plan to be sneaky and want to do things in a stealth manner, then using this ingredient in a dish will grant you the Ambush III buff, which will allow you to deal +45% stealth damage. Additionally, you need any version of it for a Contribution basket in the Clouded Forest (Herbalist’s Rest camp).

Where to Find Superior/Exquisite Radar Mushrooms

This is where things get a little tricky, as the Hunter’s Guide mentions that the rarer versions of the Radar Mushroom are found by the waterfalls in the northernmost Scarlet Thicket biome. If you open up your map, you will notice that this biome is mostly covered by the green poison (yava). There is no way to get rid of this, but if you happen to just continue the main story missions, then you will find a way to be able to traverse the yava without dying.

Once you’ve gotten to that point, your best bet is to just search west of the TAP Con-1 facility to find the Radar Mushrooms. There is a waterfall due straight west of there and the guide mentions that’s where you’ll find them. Despite the poison fog, none of the mushrooms will be ruined, so just harvest them as outlined above to get your goodies.

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