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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Kame'tire Community Contributions Quests - Avatar

Jarrod Garripoli

The Kame’tire Clan is the last of the three major clans you will meet in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, with them residing in the Clouded Forest region. Similar to the other two clans, you can find various Na’vi Camps scattered around the region, which you can visit to find Community Baskets. You will need to deliver items to these baskets to not only earn some Clan Favor, but also contribute to the overall quest for the clan.

The Kama’tire Clan will have fewer baskets to do for the Community Contributions.

How to Start the Kame’tire Community Contributions Quest in Avatar

Unlike the previous two community quests, you won’t be able to log this one right away upon finding the clan’s home, The Hollows. However, you only need to progress the main story some more, until you complete the quest, Into the Fog. Once you’ve done this, you will be back in The Hollows to find that some changes have been made. Find and speak with Zamhil to officially start this series of quests. Note that you can find the various camps/baskets and do the hunting for those items beforehand, but it might be better to just wait until you have the quest logged prior to actually handing over the items.

All Kame’tire Community Contributions Rewards

You will sometimes receive a cosmetic for an individual basket, but each part of the actual quest will reward you with some piece of equipment, along with its design. You’ll have to speak with Zamhil upon delivering all baskets for the third part of the quest, which is when you’ll complete it and receive your reward for that part.

Quest Reward
Part 1 Superior Clouded Forest Headband
Part 2 Exquisite Healer Shoulder Piece
Part 3 Exquisite Survivor Shortbow

All The Cut Na’vi Camps

Camp Item Needed Quality
Herbalist’s Rest Radar Mushroom Any
The Herbery Spineberry Fruit Superior or Exquisite
The Perch Whipfang Crawler Fatty Meat Superior or Exquisite

(1 of 3) The bigger mushroom is the one you will be harvesting.

The Radar Mushroom is a fairly common material that you can find in the Scarlet Thicket biome of the Clouded Forest. The only thing that might be tricky is learning how to gather it. The Radar Mushroom is made up of four different parts, with the bigger mushroom being the portion where you actually get the ingredient. Look for three smaller mushrooms in the immediate area and either punch or shoot them to break them open, which will open one of the parts on the main one. After doing all three smaller mushrooms, the last bit of main mushroom will open up and reveal the ingredient you can gather.

The Spineberry Fruit is part of the Flamingo Orchid, and the Superior/Exquisite versions are found south of the Mentor River in the Kinglor Forest. You will want to be extremely careful here, as this is home to one of the non-Feral Thanators, a level 20 enemy that hits quite hard. Whipfang Crawlers are fairly common enemies in the Scarlet Thicket biome of the Clouded Forest and despite the game saying you need a Superior/Exquisite version of their meat, they only come in those rarities. That means you won’t need to go hunting too much for that meat, but you will want to be careful with the toxins they spit. Approaching them while the toxin is on you can ruin their corpse so you cannot get your loot.

All Cradling Pines Na’vi Camps

Camp Item Needed Quality
Boulder’s Gap Spore Root Any
Sheltering Pines Fog Bloom Fiber Superior or Exquisite
Blue Stone Haven Dense Bone Superior or Exquisite
Crooked Seat Stagfly Ant Nectar Superior or Exquisite

The Spore Root is found in caves throughout the Clouded Forest and you will likely run into some while going for the Dense Bone. For those, there are two caves to the west of the Crooked Seat Na’vi camp, situated in Cradling Pines area. One of the caves will have a Bellsprig in it, so it’s easier to find, but the other cave will be found along the river just south of the RDA base there. Pinning the Dense Bone is great for this, as you will then be able to see the outline from outside the cave and if the bones aren’t of the right rarity, then you can check another cave in the same biome.

(1 of 6) There is a cave at this spot where you might find some Dense Bones.

It’s important to remember that Fog Bloom Fibers can only be collected when it’s foggy outside. If you didn’t know, you can check the current weather by opening your map and looking in the bottom right corner. For the Superior/Exquisite versions, check near the water in the Weary Swamp area, which is located in the northern part of the Clouded Forest. The rarer versions of the Stagfly Ant Nectar are found to the east of the Crying Giant mountain. Basically, if you search in between the Crimson Refuge and Mossy Nook camps, then you should be able to find them easily, although you may want to clear the RDA camps there to clear the pollution first.

All Crimson Great Wood Na’vi Camps

Camp Item Needed Quality
Herbalist’s Keep Forest Pine Cone Any
Giant’s Refuge Okul’s Bake Any
Den of Solitude Crimson Bark Superior or Exquisite

Forest Pine Cones are found on forest pine trees, which are located in the White Moss Forest biome. You just have to check the base of the trees to spot these cones, and they are pretty common in those areas. Crimson Bark is found on braided crimson trees, but for the sake of this entry, you have to find a Superior or Exquisite version. In the northwestern corner of the Clouded Forest, there is a landmass sitting above the yava (poison gas cloud), called the Tangled Heart. Fly up to it and look on the trees there for the Crimson Bark. Note that if you wish to do all of the baskets, you will need an Exquisite bark for the Uniluk’s Ankle Guards below.

Okul’s Bake will require a Superior+ Banquet Mushroom and a Superior+ Echo Stalker Lean Meat to make it. The meat is easy enough, as all Echo Stalkers are Superior as a base; you can find them in the Cluster Pines biome of the Clouded Forest. Banquet Mushrooms are generally found near the top of braided crimson trees, in the Scarlet Thicket biome. However, Superior/Exquisite versions, according to the Hunter’s Guide, are found near blood urchins. These don’t have a set known location, so finding them can be a little like finding a needle in a haystack. You can just keep scanning the ground until you see the blood urchin, then search the nearby trees.

(1 of 2) You’ll have to go to this spot for the Crimson Bark.

You’ll have to go to this spot for the Crimson Bark. (left), You’ll be out of reach of the poison, so you can take your Ikran. (right)

All Stone Cloud Valley Na’vi Camps

Camp Item Needed Quality
The Hollows Cloud Pine Resin Any
Fallen Forge Chameleon Crawler Heavy Hide Superior or Exquisite
Dreaming Heritage Mudgem Shell Any
Hunter’s Meet Uniluk’s Ankle Guards Any
Stone Cloud Perch Trail Moss Any
Healing Lodge Okul’s Grain Soup Any

Cloud Pine Resin is found on cloud pine trees in the Cluster Pines biome of the Clouded Forest. Mudgem Shells are found on top of the mudstack fungi in the Shallow Bog biome, in the northern half of the Clouded Forest. Pin this item, as it can be difficult to see otherwise. Trail Moss is found on the great vines throughout the Clouded Forest, but if you want a narrow search area, check above the Great Stone Swamp in the western half. Thankfully, Chameleon Crawlers always come in Superior/Exquisite variants and are most commonly found in the White Moss Forest biome.

Okul’s Grain Soup won’t really make you go hunting too much, as it requires any Cloud Spitter Seed and some Creamy Plant Milk. You already know that Cloud Spitter Seeds can be found in the Windswept Grasslands biome of the Upper Plains. For the Creamy Plant Milk, you will need to purchase it from a vendor at The Hollows, but you might need to advance the story a good bit before the merchant appears there. Keep playing the main story until you finish Revelations and Okul should be right next to where you can cook.

For the Uniluk’s Ankle Guards, you will need an Exquisite version of any Light Hide, a Superior/Exquisite Crimson Bark, and any version of the Snakewood Cone. If you want to use this item, then the Boulderlands/Kinglor Wetlands Thanator have the best Light Hides. Otherwise, go after the Echo Stalker or the Bone Helm Rhino. The Crimson Bark’s location was described above, so hopefully you get two of them for the contributions. For the Snakewood Cone, you can find the Snakewood trees in the Boulderlands biome. If you want the better versions, check near the Free Fast Travel Ancestor Skill on The Grasping Mountain.

(1 of 2) You’ll want to look for the Blood Urchin on the ground by the Braided Crimson Trees.

You’ll want to look for the Blood Urchin on the ground by the Braided Crimson Trees. (left), That will be your cue to check the nearby trees for the Banquet Mushrooms. (right)

All Cascading Stones Na’vi Camps

Camp Item Needed Quality
Mossy Nook
The Archery Heykinak’s Relentless Shortbow Any
Welcoming Hearth Dawnsheen Branch Any
Cascade’s End Blue Cloud Moss Any
Crimson Refuge Crimson Tree Resin Superior or Exquisite

Mossy Nook is a camp that is found in the yava, or the poison mist. This doesn’t go away at all, so the camp is inhabitable and there is no contribution needed for this place. The Dawnsheen Branch is a fairly common item you will likely see, especially if you visit the Boulderlands biome. That area is also home to the Blue Cloud Moss, with those found on rocks throughout the biome and another material that’s fairly common. The rarer versions of the Crimson Tree Resin can be found in The Cut area, in the Scarlet Thicket biome. They do seem to be fairly common, but search the trees in that area along the river.

To craft the Heykinak’s Relentless Shortbow, you will need any Exquisite resin (just get another Crimson Tree Resin), a Superior/Exquisite Meer Deer Horn and any variant of the Clouded Lily Bast. Meer Deers are often found in the White Moss Forest biome of the Clouded Forest and thankfully, they will always be Superior or Exquisite. Just be wary; they are extremely cautious and will run away at a moment’s notice. The Clouded Lily Bast is commonly found in any water throughout the entirety of the Clouded Forest. If you have enough favor, you can outright purchase one from Heykinak at The Hollows.

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