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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Feather Blade Seed Locations - Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Jarrod Garripoli

Some of the resources in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora aren’t too difficult to find, but the way in which you harvest them can be a little confusing. One such case of this is the Feather Blade Seeds, as you will likely see a lot of them while exploring, but when you try to grab one, you will see they are closed. There is something you must do in order to open these, which involves another Feather Blade plant. This page will detail what must be done to harvest a Feather Blade Seed, as well as where to find Superior and Exquisite versions of them.

Feather Blade Seeds can be a little tricky to harvest, due to needing two of the plants.

Where to Find Feather Blade Seeds in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

You will likely come across plenty of these on your travels while exploring the various sections of the Upper Plains. The Feather Blade is uniquely adapted to the blustery conditions of the Upper Plains, with them being commonly found in the Windswept Grasslands biome. They are plants that look like they have hard, outer shells, with a bunch of tendrils coming out of them. The seeds are found in little buds on lower stems, separately from the main portion of the plant. However, you will not be able to harvest these at first, as something else must be done.

How to Gather Feather Blade Seeds

If you check the Hunter’s Guide, it mentions the plant will reveal its seeds if it comes into contact with pollen from another Feather Blade. So, you know what to do, but it’s unclear how you actually get the pollen from one plant to another. Well, the answer is very simple, as you just need to stand in front of the plant to make it spew its pollen, then quickly make your way to the second plant. It’s unclear how long the pollen stays on your character, though, so it’s best that the second plant is close enough that you don’t spend too much time getting to it.

(1 of 3) Check out the Wild Purple Steppe biome for the rarer variants.

What are Feather Blade Seeds Used for in Avatar?

Feather Blade Seeds are an ingredient used mainly in cooking, with their passive buff granting you +10% core stats when gathering. In addition to this, it is used as one of the ingredients for the specialty dish, Novao’s Niktsyey. For this, you need a Superior or Exquisite version, and that dish is required to be donated to the community basket at the Zakru’s Promise Na’vi camp.

Where to Find Superior/Exquisite Feather Blade Seeds

For the Superior and Exquisite versions of the Feather Blade Seed, you don’t have a specific spot on the map, but just a specific biome (Wild Purple Steppe Biome). Remember that you can use your Na’vi Sense to see the rarity of the item before you try and gather it. Also, you still need two relatively close-by Feather Blade plants here, so if you only find a single plant of higher quality, you won’t be able to get the seeds from it.

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