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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Moonwood Branch Locations - Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Jarrod Garripoli

You will find a plethora of materials in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, with some of them being a little difficult to find. One such material is the Moonwood Branch, which happens to be from Moonwood Trees. The reason they can be difficult to find is that they aren’t on their own, but instead spawn inside another plant. This page will detail where to find the Moonwood Trees and how to find the Superior and Exquisite versions of the Moonwood Branches.

The Moonwood Branch is helpful in making new longbows.

Where to Find Moonwood Branches in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

As mentioned above, Moonwood Branches come from Moonwood Trees and are similar to the Night Leaf Branches you likely came across in Kinglor Forest. While those were prevalent and easy to find, the Moonwood Trees are a little scarcer. That’s because the only place you will find the trees is inside Sheltering Bushpods. If you haven’t seen these, the Bushpods are the large dome-shaped bushes that are most commonly found in the Windswept Grasslands biome of the Upper Plains. Each one of these usually has an opening that allows you to go inside. Not every Bushpod will have trees inside, but you can use your Na’vi Sense to check if they do or not from the outside.

What is the Moonwood Branch Used for in Avatar?

Similar to the Night Leaf Branch, the Moonwood Branch is used in crafting longbows. They are slightly stronger than the former, so you can make better weapons with them. Using a Moonwood Branch will give the weapon the Powerful Draw passive, which increases your damage by 20% whenever your longbow is fully drawn. Additionally, the Community Contributions basket found at The Circle (the Zeswa Clan’s base) will ask for a Moonwood Branch, although any variant will do here.

(1 of 2) Check this area of the map for the Superior and Exquisite variants of the Moonwood Branch.

Check this area of the map for the Superior and Exquisite variants of the Moonwood Branch. (left), Use your Na’vi Sense to look into the Sheltering Bushpods to see if there are trees in there or not. (right)

How to Get Superior or Exquisite Moonwood Branch

As with a lot of materials, the Superior and Exquisite versions of the Moonwood Branch will be found at a specific location. These can be found on the eastern shoreline of the Greatheart Lake, which is in the Mother of Rivers area and is pretty much just north of The Circle. If you have the Beachfront Field Lab as a fast travel point, go there, then just head northeast along the shoreline to find the Sheltering Bushpods. Go inside them and you should find the rarer variants of the Moonwood Branches. When you pull off the branch, push the left analog stick to the left for pristine quality. Also, harvesting the branches at night will ensure an even higher quality.

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