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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

How to Harvest Electric Plants (Sol’s Delight) - Avatar

Scott Peers

The Sol’s Delight plant is one of the first electric plants that you’ll find in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. There are no indications for how to harvest them safely, so you might find yourself getting hurt in the first few attempts. You also need to listen and look for the rumble that occurs when you grab the harvestable part of the plant, which indicates the way you need to pull to harvest the resource without breaking it. On this page, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Sol’s Delight plant, including where to find it and what the harvestable material (Kinglor Forest Sol’s Delight Bast) can be used for.

Three Sol’s Delight electric plants in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. They glow in the dark!

Location of Sol’s Delight in Kinglor Forest – Wild Vines

The first place that you’re likely to find Sol’s Delight is in the Wild Vines biome of Kinglor Forest, which is within the starting region for the game around Resistance HQ. You can also find Sol’s Delight scattered throughout the Wild Vines biome in the forested area to the southwest. They’re easy to distinguish from other plants thanks to their tentacle-like foliage, which is said to flow in the direction of nearby Unobtanium deposits.

You should be able to find plenty of Sol’s Delight in the Kinglor Forest if you look for the key features of their distinctive appearance, as described above and shown in the screenshot, but you’ll find it even easier to find them at night since aspects of their foliage glow in the dark.

(1 of 2) A closer look at what Sol’s Delight looks like when it’s not glowing at night.

A closer look at what Sol’s Delight looks like when it’s not glowing at night. (left), You can find Sol’s Delight in the Wild Vines biome, located southwest of Resistance HQ. (right)

Rare Sol’s Delight - Thorny Wilds

The other location for Sol’s Delight is in the Thorny Wilds biome of Kinglor Forest. Here, they are the same plant as those found in the Wild Vines in terms of their physical structure, but they provide a rarer form of the Sol’s Delight Blast which can be used in superior recipes.

The Thorny Wilds biomes are generally more hostile than those of the Wild Vines, and you’re more likely to find them in higher-level areas, so you shouldn’t expect to be able to access them until later in the game. It’s much less safe partly due to the increased number of creatures that want to eat you, but you’ll also find some humanoids that can kill you in one shot if you’re discovered.

How to Safely Harvest Sol’s Delight Bast

Speaking of safety, you may have noticed that Sol’s Delight isn’t exactly the friendliest of plants that you can harvest. As an electric plant, it has the capacity to shock if you get too close, which will both drain your energy and inflict damage. The damage that it inflicts isn’t too severe, but it can quickly drain your energy in a way that will make you waste valuable food resources.

If you want to harvest the Sol’s Delight Bast safely, you need to approach the plant from behind. You can do this by looking for the direction that its tentacle-like foliage is flowing, then avoid approaching it from that side. If you do this, you can start the mini-game of harvesting the plant safely by pulling it to the right with your mouse or controller.

(1 of 2) Approach the Sol’s Delight from behind to harvest it safely.

Approach the Sol’s Delight from behind to harvest it safely. (left), You’ll get a nasty electric shock from a Sol’s Delight if you try to harvest it from the front. (right)

You may be wondering what the resource of Sol’s Delight Bast can be used for after harvesting some. At the moment, we know that it’s classed as a Weapon Crafting Material, so you can expect it to be useful for things like bows.

Best Quality Requirement

If you inspect the Sol’s Delight plant in your Hunter’s Guide, you’ll notice that “Best Quality: Dry” is mentioned. This means that you’ll get the best quality version of the plant if you harvest it in dry conditions. If you harvest the plant when it’s raining, you’ll get fewer Sol’s Delight Bast from it. You’ll find this same Best Quality aspect to most harvestable plants, so be sure to check it in the Hunter’s Guide so that you can harvest them in their best state!

If you still need help with harvesting Sol’s Delight, you might find the video below useful!

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