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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

All Sarentu Totem Locations - Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Ben Chard

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora has many activities for you to seek out and complete throughout the Western Frontier. It’s in your best interest to wait until you have access to all three regions and your Ikran before you begin your search. Sarentu Totems are collectibles that requires you to find a specific spot in which to view them. This page will give you all the knowledge you need to locate every Totem in Kinglor Forest, the Upper Plains, and the Clouded Forest!

There are 12 Sarentu Totems to find throughout the Western Frontier.

How to Complete Sarentu Totems

When you first come across a Sarentu Totem, you may not be aware of how you “complete” the activity. Finding the Totem location is just the beginning, once you land at the specific site, you’ll then need to reach an observation circle, which will give you the best spot from which to fully appreciate the Totem. Take a look at it, you’ll see a flag attached that has an arrow painted on it.

Follow this arrow and you’ll find another flag nearby; this too will have an arrow on it. The task, then, is to follow these arrows between each flag until they lead you to the observation circle you seek. This is easier said than done, however, as some can be a bit misleading as to where it wants you to go, and they won’t become highlighted using your Na’vi sense. You can, however, look for a group of flies that gather around these flags, this is especially useful at night. Once you reach the observation circle, interact with it and you will muse about the surroundings.

Kinglor Forest Sarentu Totem Locations

Kinglor Forest is where you start your adventure and is by far the densest area in the game when it comes to flora and fauna. As mentioned above, wait until you have your Ikran as it makes it much easier to get from point to point. There are a total of four Totems in this region.

Waterfall Valley Totem

You’ll want to head to the far southwest of Waterfall Valley to find the location of the first Sarentu Totem. This is a rather simple observation circle to find, the first flag leading north will take you to each flag, just remember to use the plant that launches you into the air to follow the flag leading upward.

(1 of 3) The first Kinglor Sarentu Totem is in Waterway Valley

Spinner’s Circle Totem

Make your way to the Spinner’s Circle sub-region for the next Sarentu Totem, if you look just southeast of Dyer’s Bowl, you’ll find it on top of a cliff. The first flag takes you northwest up the slope, and this continues through long stretches that eventually sends you east to the observation circle.

(1 of 3) The second Kinglor Sarentu Totem is at Spinner’s Circle

Silk Woods Totem

The Silk Woods Totem is perhaps the easiest to find the location of, situated just northwest of Hometree. This time around, you’ll be heading southwest from the first flag as it sends you into the forest. You’ll be working your way down the slopes until it starts sending you north and over a platform which gradually sends you up slopes to reach the observation circle (southeast from the Totem on your map). If you’re following this page, this will be your third Totem and you’ll obtain the Sarentu Chest Guard recipe.

(1 of 3) You will find the Silk Woods Sarentu Totem northwest of Hometree

Gossamer Lakes Totem

The final Kinglor Forest Sarentu Totem is located in the Gossamer Lakes sub-region, on one of the floating mountains found here. The first flag takes you northeast along the path and across gaps you’ll need to leap across. The trail for this Totem takes you up the mountain until you find the observation circle overlooking it.

(1 of 3) Head to the floating mountains of Gossamer Lakes to find this Sarentu Totem

Upper Plains Sarentu Totem Locations

There are five Totems to track down in the Upper Plains region, three of which are in the same sub-region (Mother of Rivers). The plains are more open than the dense forests of Kinglor, but you’ll have greater distances to traverse so make sure you have access to your Ikran before you attempt to locate them.

The Celebration Valley Totem

If you look to the north of The Celebration Valley, you’ll spot some large mountains, this is Great Tusk. If you land on the southwest of the cliff, you’ll find the first Upper Plains Totem. The first flag will take you east before you start getting sent north, eventually sending you up a large slope to get higher up and eventually head down a small tunnel to reach the observation circle (east from the Totem on your map). If you’re following this guide, you will obtain the Sarentu Traveler Armguard recipe.

(1 of 3) Head for The Celebration Valley in the Upper Plains for the next Sarentu Totem

Mother of Rivers Totem 1

As mentioned above, there are three Totems to find in the rather large Mother of Rivers sub-region. The first one is simple to locate, situated just southwest of The Circle (Zeswa Clan’s Home), overlooking the lake below. The first flag will take you southeast before eventually leading you to a large Blood Tree that takes you up and over some ledges. This then leads to another large tree to the north, where the observation circle is located just to the east of it (west from the Totem on your map).

(1 of 3) The first Mother of Rivers Sarentu Totem is southwest of The Circle

Mother of Rivers Totem 2

You’re looking for a range of mountains named First Zakru for the next Mother of Rivers Totem. If you’ve acquired the nearby Ancestor Skill, the Totem can be found on the ground by the water. This time, the first flag takes you west and along the water, before eventually taking you through a small crevice to reach the observation circle (east from the Totem on your map).

(1 of 3) Head to the First Zakru mountain range for this Sarentu Totem

Mother of Rivers Totem 3

The final Mother of Rivers Totem is situated in the northwest of the sub-region, where you’ll find the large pillars scattered around the plains. The first flag will take you east and through many Petrified Trees where you’ll eventually find yourself inside a long one on the ground that houses the observation circle at the end (north from the Totem on your map). If you’ve been following this guide, you’ll obtain the Sarentu Waistcloth recipe.

(1 of 3) The final Mother of Rivers Sarentu Totem is situated in the northwest

The Stone Hold Totem

The final Upper Plains Sarentu Totem is located in The Stone Hold sub-region. You’ll find the Totem to the south of the large RDA Extractor Plant overlooking the water here. The first flag will take you east and across the plains until you find yourself in a small crevice where the observation circle awaits (southwest from the Totem on your map).

(1 of 3) Head to the south of The Stone Hold to find this Sarentu Totem

Clouded Forest Sarentu Totem Locations

The Clouded Forest is the final region in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and you’ll reach it around Level 12. There are only three Totems to locate here, but there are greater dangers in the wildlife you encounter and the RDA in the skies. As with the other two regions, progress the story until you have access to your Ikran to make finding these much easier.

Cradling Pines Totem

For the first Clouded Forest Totem, you’ll need to make your way to the Cradling Pines sub-region. Southwest of Toruk Peak (where you can bag another Ancestor Skill), you’ll find some cliffs, and one of them will have the Totem on the edge. The first flag will take you southeast this time, back to the ground, and you’ll find yourself going down the cliff before returning up from another direction. You’ll find the observation circle under the tree, overlooking the Totem from a fair distance (east from the Totem on your map), and obtain the Sarentu Ankle Guards recipe.

(1 of 3) Head southwest of Toruk Peak to find the Cradling Pines Sarentu Totem

The Cut Totem

Make your way to The Cut sub-region and you’ll find one of the large RDA bases here. Head just to the south of it and you’ll find the next Sarentu Totem. The first flag will send you off to the east and down some slopes, passing under some trunks in the process. You’ll eventually climb some ledges to find another tree that houses an observation circle below it (south from the Totem on your map).

(1 of 3) Head to the south of the RDA base in The Cut to find this Sarentu Totem

Stone Cloud Valley Totem

The final Sarentu Totem can be found in Stone Cloud Valley, close to the western cliff in the center of the sub-region. The first flag will send you to the north and up some slopes before leading you to a crevice between two large rocks that house the final observation circle (west from the Totem on your map). If this is your final Totem, you’ll obtain the Sarentu Headband recipe. All that remains is to return to Ri’nela at the Resistance Hideout to complete the quest and obtain the Vision of the Ancestors Trophy/Achievement.

(1 of 3) The final Sarentu Totem is located in the Stone Cloud Valley

Sarentu Totem Rewards - Exquisite Armor Set

If you’re just interested in what you will get out of this rather long Side Quest (beyond the reward of exploration itself), you’ll be pleased to know there are some useful rewards. Not only will you get the Design recipes for the entire Sarentu armor set (these are Exquisite), but you’ll also bag the Vision of the Ancestors Trophy/Achievement, making it necessary if you want to go for the Platinum Trophy.

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There’s a lot more to find in Avatar, and you’ll often need resources in most of the activities. Check out the following pages to learn where you can harvest them.

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