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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

To Friends Departed Walkthrough - Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Jarrod Garripoli

There are a lot of side quests in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, with many of them fleshing out the world. After you obtain your Ikran, you will be able to start a side quest at Hometree, called To Friends Departed. While most of this quest is walking around and talking to NPCs, the final bit will have you searching for Ey’teko’s Strange Shell, which is hard to find because of its size. This page will provide a walkthrough for the quest, as well as where to find the strange shell.

Kayi will be the NPC that gives you this side quest.

Where to Start To Friends Departed in Avatar

Before you’re able to start this side quest, you will need to have completed the Take Flight main story mission. Once you’ve done that, head to The Hearth in Hometree, which is where the cooking station is located. Around here, you should see a Na’vi that has a quest for you. His name is Kayi and he will ask you to meet him at the Healing Circle. From The Hearth, look just west and head into that tunnel, then take the next tunnel you see off to the side. This will lead you to the Healing Circle, where Kayi is with his dying friend.

Where to Find Tsu’kiri

After some conversation here, you will be told by Kayi to look for Tsu’kiri. His behavior has been odd since the passing of his friend, which is why he wants you to help him. You will be able to find Tsu’kiri at Weaver’s Flourish, a Na’vi camp that is east and a little south from Hometree, along The Threaded River. You should see an optional objective to ask someone at the camp about Tsu’kiri’s location. That NPC will be right by the spot where you can pass the time. Luckily, you won’t need to go very far to get to Tsu’kiri, which will be a little west from the camp.

(1 of 2) Weaver’s Flourish is southeast of Hometree, along the river.

Weaver’s Flourish is southeast of Hometree, along the river. (left), You can speak to this NPC to learn the whereabouts of Tsu’kiri. (right)

Speak to him there and it seems he’s angry at his recently lost friend for his lies and jokes. He mentions that his friend found some shell, but Tsu’kiri hasn’t seen proof of the shell.

Where to Find Ey’teko’s Strange Shell

The Strange Shell isn’t that far from Weaver’s Flourish, according to the directions given to you in the game. It’s found along the cliffs near the camp, with Ey’teko saying that he could see rocks in the river, as well as one of the great vines and even the camp itself. With those clues and the fact that the waypoint points you in that direction, start heading to the northeast. The site you’re going to is pretty much north of the Weaver’s Flourish camp and just north of the Tarsyu Sapling in that little area.

As you head in that direction, climb the nearby cliffs, then look for a tree that has some baskets in front of it. If you’ve never been here before, there is an Equipment Basket present, as well as a Food Basket. Ey’teko’s Shell will be sitting right in an open bowl on the ground, among those other two baskets. Once you’ve looted the shell, return to Tsu’kiri (in the same spot) to finish the quest.

(1 of 3) The Strange Shell is found north of the Weaver’s Flourish camp.

To Friends Departed Quest Rewards

Considering the quest doesn’t really ask you to do much, the rewards aren’t too bad. You will receive Tsu’kiri’s Strap, which is an Exquisite Chest Guard Mod, and two bars of favor with the Aranahe Clan. Tsu’kiri’s Strap will grant the Fortitude bonus, which gives you +20% base health when a food buff is active. You will also get a single Skill Point, something that always helps.

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